Fatal Mistakes That Bankrupt Beginning Entrepreneurs

Fatal Mistakes That Bankrupt Beginning Entrepreneurs
Fatal Mistakes That Bankrupt Beginning Entrepreneurs

For.konsumtif.com – Every businessman wants to be successful in every business, but in reality there are many obstacles that stand in the way of that success, and wasteful profits actually waste time and thought, even to the point of bankruptcy that never planned.

Anyone who has the opportunity to succeed in business, which is vital if one wants to develop to this level of success, must be aware of the warning signs of a fatal mistake that could lead to the collapse of a business.

in the level of success he witnessed as an entrepreneur, writer and speaker, among others: 1. Entrepreneur tenacious to achieve success.

  1. I just want to grow.
  2. The first to try.
  3. Entrepreneurs who shot up and then went bankrupt.
  4. Bankrupt then rise again.
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But I’ve boiled them down to two characteristics of the most common types of business owners:

The first type (#1) is a businessman who has everything he wants, including more than enough financial income (Successful Entrepreneur)

The second type (#2) is a business owner who has been in business for a long time but is still expecting income from their business. (change and wait)

So, for those of you who belong to the first type #1, you may be a very lucky person; You have the basics and the bitter and sweet experiences of doing business, including understanding the right tricks to applying transactional methods and strategic techniques to run your business effectively, but you may not be immediately successful.

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If you are the second type of entrepreneur, do not despair; Instead, quickly find a way to get out of too much thinking, and then make sure you can catch up with the first entrepreneur.

• This Start-Up is suitable for beginners because it can be completed online at home.
• Commercial Possibilities (combined).

• Commercial franchise (Ippho S is included in this franchise), up to

• Business Auto-pilot, a trading system that can operate independently or in collaboration with agents (eg forex trading, online store, mini-market: Alfamart, Indomart offline and online).

Beginners should choose the Startup Business Startup type only because it is suitable for personal and home businesses to raise capital to the next level.

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All of the above businesses offer opportunities for success, but they differ in terms of investment and knowledge of how to execute the right strategy to make a profit and qualify as a successful entrepreneur!

However, many entrepreneurs, especially startups, often fail in bankruptcy because they chose the wrong category or believed too much in the success of Overconvident and didn’t understand what caused the downfall.

Perhaps, if you have chosen the right type of business category and do not want to file for bankruptcy,

The following are fatal mistakes that often cause businesses to fail; However, there are many business people you should avoid:

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Fatal Mistakes That Bankrupt Beginning Entrepreneurs 2

1. Lack of patience

Nothing is faster than dreaming to achieve success; if you want to achieve it, make that dream come true by executing it with sincerity and patience.

In terms of business patience, she reminds me of a Nigerian woman named Linda Ifeoma Ikeji, who is a news blogger in her country, a model waitress, and a writer for a well-known news site.

He is well known in the country as a successful blogger who earns billions of dollars a year from his blogs.

This is how it looks now, but how did it perform before? In fact, it was his patience that propelled him to success, as he hadn’t earned a dime from his blog for the past seven years.

Please stay patient and continue to pursue and focus on your hobby of writing until your income reaches the current level.

Of course, there are many important lessons in the race for success that are invisible to others.

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