FF Mod Apk 2021 Unlimited Diamonds Download Auto Heatshot

FF Mod Apk 2021 Unlimited Diamonds Download Auto Heatshot
FF Mod Apk 2021 Unlimited Diamonds Download Auto Heatshot

CHIP.CO.ID – For game fans, of course they are no strangers to the Free Fire (FF) game. This game is one of the battle royale games that has managed to captivate and be loved by gamers all over the world, even in Indonesia.

This is because the developer of the Free Fire game always pampers the audience of this game with various cool features and things. Free Fire offers cool stuff like cool premium skins. To get premium skins, diamonds are needed. You can get free premium skins using FF Mod Apk game.

When you want to get diamonds, you need a way that is not easy. To solve the problem that it is not easy to get diamonds, many survivors are looking for ways to get premium skins for free.

What is FF Mod Apk?

For those of you who have never tried this Mod game. So, FF Mod Apk is a Free Fire game that has been modified by a third party. By using this modded game app you can get premium features for free.

In addition to the skins that can be enjoyed for free, you can use various Mod features that are very beneficial as a player. The advantages are, for example: unlimited diamonds, automatic headshot and various other interesting features.

This FF Mod Apk is suitable for those of you who are looking for free diamonds with many and also other cheats as per your needs. With the advantages that come from using this FF Mod Apk. No wonder, if this FF Mod Apk game is highly sought after. If you are interested in using this Mod version of the game, you should listen to the following reviews.

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Features of FF Mod Apk

This Mod version of the game has many features. Here are some features of FF Mod Apk, including:

With this feature, you can buy various items that you need in this Free Fire game.

What really benefits you is that in this feature you can unlock all available characters in this battle arena game. If you have played this game for a long time, of course you know that the characters available in the Free Fire game have their own advantages and disadvantages. With this feature, you can customize your character according to your play style as you like.

FF Mod Apk provides a headshot feature. This feature is useful to help you achieve victory or the term in this game is called booyah. With the help of this feature, you can do automatic headshots very easily.

Another cool feature of this FF Mod Apk is that you can walk through walls. The usefulness of this function will help you to get booyah. You can deliver the enemy without being noticed.

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With the help of this autoimmune function, you can be immune even if there are shots. With this autoimmunity feature, you can attack or survive until you get booyah.

  • Can Medkit while running?

The difference between the original version of Free Fire and the Mod, if the original version can only use medkit when in a state. But, if you use this app, you can use it and run to fill your health points.

One of the advantages that you get when using FF Mod Apk is that you can have many options of skins or packs. Wanting to wear all those skins, there must be diamonds. You can use all the skins when you use this FF Mod Apk.

From this Free Fire app, there is a FF teleport feature. The function of this feature, you can move from one place to another.

Antenna View is proprietary to some Mod versions of FF. The utility of using menu one is to be able to find out the position of the enemy player. This is because from their heads or hands there are antennae rising upwards, so wherever the opponent is hiding, it will be easy to spot.

FF Mod Apk provides features to unlock all items like shirts and pants. With this trick, you can freely choose the clothes and pants that have been prepared.

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Is it safe to use FF Mod Apk?

If you are still wondering, it is safe not to use this app. Actually, a game has a security system of each. This also applies to Free Fire, through its security system. Free Fire can detect all forms of cheating committed by users of this game.

Also, as a player, you can report various forms of cheating through the form provided by the developer. If you escape the security system, then it is not impossible that your account will be suspended due to reports of cheating by other players.

How to Download and Install FF Mod Apk

Some of the interesting features have been described above. You can download this app with the provided link. For those of you who are still confused about how to install this FF Mod Apk, here are the steps:

  1. Make sure you have downloaded the app first
  2. Then you can extract and copy the obb file of FF Mod Apk
  3. Then install the apk file
  4. The next step, move obb to internal memory.
  5. Success and you can play this game.

Once installed successfully, you can enjoy all the features automatically. You do not need to activate it manually, such as using the Free Fire Mod menu.

Well that is the article about this FF Mod Apk. Hopefully it can help and be useful to you, yes!