FF Mod Apk

FF Mod Apk
FF Mod Apk

Free Fire Mod Apk

FF mod apk is a third party app that incorporates various premium features such as unlimited diamonds, auto headshot, auto aim, through walls, etc.

With these features, it will definitely be very helpful for survivors to easily get booyah or purchase the desired skin/package.

But of course, the use of ff mod apk is not without risks. So what are the risks? The risk that could happen is that Garena Free Fire bans the Free Fire account.

As we know, Garena will take strict action against any player using illegal scripts including the use of Free Fire Mod apk.

Therefore, before using the Free Fire mod, it would be better to think about it first, because its use is strictly prohibited and it will harm other parties.

Features of FF Mod Apk

As for some of the premium features that have been integrated into the Free Fire app, if you are curious and want to know more complete features, please see below:

1. Unlimited Diamonds

The first feature that the ff mod app has is unlimited diamonds (unlimited diamonds). This means that when you use this version, the amount of Free Fire diamonds will automatically be very large.

You can use these diamonds to purchase various complete items such as skins, packs, emotes, etc. depending on your needs.

2. Unlimited coins

In addition to having the feature of unlimited diamonds, the Free Fire app has also built in the feature of unlimited coins that can be used to purchase the latest characters or others.

So you don’t have to bother collecting coins from match prizes or daily logins.

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3. Automatic headshot

To kill enemies in Free Fire game, qualified skills in shooting accuracy are required, but it is different if you use Free Fire mode because this app has auto headshot feature.

This feature is able to kill the enemy with a single shot, plus the shot will hit the target automatically. So there are no more missed shots.

4. Unlimited Health

Free Fire apk offers interesting features, one of which is unlimited health or unlimited lives, so you no longer need to use a medical kit in the battle area.

With this feature, players can freely attack enemies anytime, anywhere, both at close and long range, without worrying that their health/hp will drop even the slightest.

5. Unlock all skins

Having all the cool skins in the Free Fire game may be the desire of the survivors, but as we know, getting all these skins is very difficult unless you buy using diamonds.

But this does not apply to the Free Fire Mod app, because this app has built in a feature that can open all skins automatically. Interestingly, the skin can be used in all modes.

6. Unlock all characters

Tired of the same characters? Don’t worry, ff mod apk can open all Free Fire characters without having to buy with diamonds or coins.

You can try these characters to play with friends in custom, ranked, classic or other modes. This feature is perfect for those of you who are curious about the latest Free Fire game characters that you don’t have.

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7. Go through walls/walls

In the original version, it is impossible to penetrate walls, walls or other hard objects. But things are different if you use this version of ff mod app.

Because a function has been incorporated in this application that is capable of penetrating walls, walls and other hard objects. So it will really help you chase enemies or hide.

8.Auto AIM

One of the hardest things about playing a free fire game is shooting directly at the target. This can be experienced by many beginners who have just played this battle royale game.

But you don’t have to worry, using the ff mod app, the shot will automatically hit the target both near and far.

9. No wall

In the original version, aimed shots are unlikely to go through walls, walls, or other hard objects. But this will not apply to the ff mod app.

Because this app does not have a wall function that can shoot penetrating bullets at hard objects. So it will really help you to kill enemies very easily and quickly.

10. Update map

The interesting thing that the free fire mod brings is the latest map update, where you can enjoy the latest map with a very cool and elegant appearance.

Also, there are several additional areas on the map/location, so you won’t be cluttered with just those areas.

11. Teleport

Playing games really aims to remove the boredom from all the activities in the world, you can do that by using the ff mod apk which has the built-in telport function.

This feature can make players move from one place to another quickly, so it will really help you when you want to escape from the enemy siege on the map.

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12. Shoot while swimming

Normally, players cannot shoot while swimming in water. However, for this Free Fire mod, players can shoot at any time, even when swimming.

This is certainly very interesting, you can hide in the water while shooting at the target.

How to install Free Fire Mod Apk

Download FF Mod Apk Unlimited Diamond & Auto Headshot 2021

Perhaps there are still many survivors who do not know how to install the Free Fire mod. Actually, installing this app is quite easy and doesn’t take much time.

But if you are still confused and don’t know the steps at all, check below. Follow the step by step well and for the app features to work smoothly.

  • Make sure you have installed the ff mod app that we provided above.
  • Open the file on each Android phone.
  • Usually the downloaded file will be stored in the “apk-file manager”.
  • Install the file to the end, if an “unknown source” notification appears, turn it on.
  • If so, please open the “Zarchiver” app, you can download it for free on Play Store.
  • After that, extract the OBB data file and change the format to RAR or archive.
  • Next, go to the “internal stronge-android-data-com.freefireth” menu.
  • Rename the “com.dts.freefireth” folder to “com.dts.freefireth1”.
  • Go back to the OBB data folder, then change “com.dts.freefireth1” to “com.dts.freefireth”.
  • If everything has been done correctly and correctly, open the Free Fire game.
  • Done and good luck.