Finally DJ Wong and DJ Sal are back together – Media Diari Viral

Finally DJ Wong and DJ Sal are back together – Media Diari Viral
Finally DJ Wong and DJ Sal are back together – Media Diari Viral
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Sungai Petani: After nearly three months alone, the couple DJ Wong and DJ Sal who once caused controversy due to their loss and divorce story have been back online on Facebook (FB) since last night.

The couple’s live appearance through FB’s ‘Sal Bollywood’ raised several questions, especially for fans due to some controversies in their relationship.

Earlier, DJ Sal, 43, made an announcement live on FB asking fans to look forward to a special guest appearance at 10pm.

The guest conundrum, which was considered a surprise to fans, was finally answered when the man who appeared in a black dress with DJ Sal was her husband, DJ Wong.


The appearance of the couple provoked various reactions among their own fans, some of them happy with the relationship that was rediscovered and some were even strange because of the state of the spouses.

Explaining the matter, DJ Sal said that she had referred to issues that had arisen between them, including members of her own family and religious scholars, who later reported that what her husband had said earlier was invalid.

“Apart from me, who was ‘uzvr’ at the time, my husband’s condition was also not in a state of mind, forcing him to curse me.

“A lot of stories happen in our relationship, but I had to keep my mouth shut because I have to take care of the hearts of many parties, other than that it is too personal to share it in public,” he said when contacted today.

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When asked if the previous kntr0versi was deliberately created to gain popularity or publicity for the sake of a career, DJ Sal said that they were both not too desperate to make a living.

“Some claim that everything that happened before was just glmik, but I want to emphasize that we will never risk the relationship at home just to gain popularity.

“Whatever people want to say, but only us, family and friends, who know more about what really happened all this time,” he said, thanking families on both sides who gave a lot of moral support and re-blessed their relationship.

According to her, she and her husband have been living together ever since Aidilfitri and DJ Wong returned home in a state of confusion after three days of uttering cer4i through a video recording on FB.


“Husband at the time pelvk and menangls while saying that he is actually in a state of kelirv and cannot think of w4ras.

“In fact, after the incident, my husband told me that he loved me more and hoped that people would give us a chance to resolve some isv,” she said, admitting that DJ Wong was still receiving treatment through Islamic medicine.

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Last April, DJ Wong was reported to be “invisible” while at home in Taman Ria Mesra 2 before the man went live on FB and pronounced cer4i talk3k three against his wife a week after she disappeared.

DJ Wong don’t miss, laf4z cer4i tal4k three against DJ Sal

The mystery of DJ Wong’s disappearance seven days ago was unraveled when the man involved appeared live on Facebook (FB) last night wearing a light blue Malaysian t-shirt.

In the 15-minute live broadcast, DJ Wong or his real name, 53-year-old Noor Aziz Johari, apologized and cursed in front of the Koran.

He said he was safe and sound and asked all parties to stop the search, but did not reveal the exact location of his whereabouts.

DJ Wong, who occasionally looks masculine, later revealed that he left the house voluntarily due to personal issues with his wife, known as DJ Sal.

He also expressed his gratitude that although he only had RM2.70 and a mobile phone, he was still healthy and could break his fast in a safe place.


The man involved at the end of the live broadcast also pronounced cer4i talal4k three against his wife and announced to his followers that he will not appear on FB again after this.

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DJ Wong is said to have disappeared after leaving the back door of his home at Taman Ria Mesra 2 here, at 9:30 pm last Wednesday.

His disappearance raises questions for fans and family members, as it is said that he left with a piece of his waist and his mobile phone was turned off.

Meanwhile, DJ Sal, who also did a live broadcast on FB, described the man involved as a dayus after his action of disappearing and uttering cer4i against him live on FB.

DJ Sal also repeatedly stated that he refused to embarrass the man and only asked DJ Wong to wait for further matters in court.

The couple had previously actively posted online on FB ‘DJ Wong And Sal Bollywood’, which now has almost 100,000 followers.

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