Firdaus Wong shows evidence of pornographic messages from a famous preacher

Firdaus Wong shows evidence of pornographic messages from a famous preacher
Firdaus Wong shows evidence of pornographic messages from a famous preacher

AS A few months ago, Firdaus Wong Wai Hung through his social media platform often shared on the topic of sexual victims to raise awareness in the community.

The action raised questions among netizens as if Firdaus Wong, who is also the founder of MultiraciaI Reverted MusIims (MRM), was referring to someone with popularity and a large following.

Various insults were received, but to uphold the truth, the famous preacher still stuck to his principles.

Yesterday, for the first time, Firdaus Wong appeared to reveal evidence of an individual sexual assault victim who claimed to be a well-known preacher.

All the evidence was revealed by Firdaus Wong through his Telegram application channel.

According to Firdaus Wong, the victim had sent him screenshots of WhatsApp and Instagram messages asking him to share the evidence to raise awareness in the community.

At the same time, he said, the victim also asked him to share all the evidence to encourage more victims to come forward and file a police report.

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He said that the victim had also filed a police report with all the evidence also submitted for investigation by the authorities.

“After discussing with a group of sharia advisers and legal experts, Alhamdulillah gave permission because all these associations do not contradict the teachings of Islam and also the law.

“For the knowledge of all friends, I have seen all these messages with my own eyes from the victim’s WhatsApp and not only heard the words of a third party.

“I had to share on the Telegram channel because, in my opinion, the written messages have extremely pornographic elements that can cause my Facebook or Instagram to be removed when an individual makes a complaint,” he explained in a post on the Telegram channel.

Commenting further, Firdaus Wong emphasized that he was fully prepared if anyone wanted to file a police report or take legal action.

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He said his group stayed with all the victims who had filed police complaints to seek justice.

He insisted on standing firm in defense of the principle of bravery because it is true having concluded all the tests.

“To those who have been questioning why the victim did not file a police report, we have made a report but we did not say so that no party would interfere with the investigation.

“After the report was made, he requested that evidence be shared on social media, but we refused to do so because he is still under police investigation and does not want to interfere with police duties. We are dih1na and dis3rang, no problem, we are patient .

“Now that the investigation has been concluded and at the request of the victims, we are sharing some of the evidence that has been handed over to the police to raise awareness in the community and encourage more victims to file police complaints,” he said. explained.

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Firdaus Wong reported that his party will continue to help mangs4 get out of trouble and get justice.

“We do not demand sympathy or praise. We ask friends to pray for the victims to get the justice they deserve.

As Kamal Affandi Hashim said, “We don’t want to reduce sexual victims, but we do want to reduce the number of people who become victims.”

“Those who have been victims of sexual abuse can contact us at the Women’s Wing of the MRM and God willing, we will help them in whatever we can for free so that justice is done,” she said.

source: utusantv