Fishing Bait Pomfret Baboon

Fishing Bait Pomfret Baboon
Fishing Bait Pomfret Baboon
Umpan Jitu Mancing Ikan Bawal Babon

Fishing Bait Pomfret Baboon. Galatama Baboon Pomfret Bait Recipe. 4 more precise natural baits for betutu babonhay, fishermen friends, this time I will share 4 more precise natural baits for betutu fish, hopefully this video.

Pomfret Fishing Bait Recipe All About Fishing - Pomfret Baboon Fishing Bait
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Bait for baboon carp, all water conditions. Prepare various raw materials for the bait, such as: 1 btr duck egg, 2 tablespoons of fish meal, 2 tablespoons of wheat flour, 1 tablespoon of milk powder, 2 tablespoons of shrimp meal, 2 tablespoons of ebi.

A challenging fishing feel makes this type of fish highly sought after by anglers.

At night, the pomfret is more attracted to strong odors, including the bait you have to prepare. The most effective pomfret bait in the newest daily pond 1; The most effective pellet bait concoction for wild baboon tilapia fishing, thank you very much for supporting vivi1387 channel 7, I hope your friends will support you.

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The half-old coconut is grilled for a while and remember not to burn it. This mix is ​​a very good baboon carp bait mix for all water conditions, like. By using a bait that is good and at that time you will get results.

Galatama Pomfret 9 fish bait.

Duck egg yolks plus cow’s milk, stir and evenly crush the two ingredients. Crush various types of granules that have been soaked into one unit. Prepare various necessary feed raw materials, such as:

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Galatama baboon pomfret recipe.

In fact, there are many palometa baits that you can use. Boil the fish together with the pandan leaves for 20. This fish which has the Latin name Colossoma macropomum is usually found in Indonesian waters which was introduced into freshwater waters and originally obtained from Brazil, South America, because its habitat native is in Indonesia.

There are friends, Fishing Mania all over Indonesia, what’s up, this time I’ll share with you 4 precise pomfret baits that not many people know about.

Pomfret is a type of predatory fish that can eat all kinds of food. But this time, the non-race person will only talk about the pomfret bait which is accurate if he is fishing during the day. 100 grams of Kroto, 500 grams of chicken liver, 500 grams of shrimp, 2 pieces of fish oil, fishmeal and enough water.