FMWhatsapp Apk Download Latest Version 2022 (Anti Banned)

FMWhatsapp Apk Download Latest Version 2022 (Anti Banned)
FMWhatsapp Apk Download Latest Version 2022 (Anti Banned)

It is no longer a secret that the modded WhatsApp app is now much loved by the public. This is certainly inseparable from the advantages offered by this third-party application. From convenience to features that are not available in the officially released WhatsApp app.

Among the many options of modded WhatsApp apps, fm whatsapp perhaps the best. This application developed by a third party called Fouad Mods offers a variety of the most current and of course interesting WhatsApp functions. What are the features offered by this application?

What is FM Whatsapp?

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Before you start installing this app, it’s a good idea to know a little about what this FMWhatsapp app actually looks like. Fouad Mokdad is the part behind the success of this modding app. Compared to the original version, this app can be said to be superior with its default features.

If you still find obstacles that are quite annoying and features that are less varied, trying FMWhatsapp as another alternative may be something that we highly recommend.

Not only the theme features can be customized at will, you can also access WhatsApp from multiple accounts with this app. The anti-ban system has also started to be integrated into the latest version of this modified app. Interested in trying it out? Take a look at a brief overview of the features. fm whatsapp below this.

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The difference between FMwhatsapp and Original WhatsApp

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Although both of them provide chat features as the main feature of this app, FMWhatsapp chooses superior features as compared to the official Whatsapp app release. From privacy to modification, you can see these differences in the comparison table below.

Characteristic original whatsapp fmwhatsapp
Features of hiding user’s online status Yes Yes
Function to not be able to forward messages Nope Yes
Contact and group security features Nope Yes
Hide blue tick or double tick Yes Yes
Modification and customization features of the main page Nope Yes
Set font size Nope Yes
A variety of different font types Nope Yes
Video status with a sufficient length of up to 5 minutes Nope Yes
The feature of sending images with photographic capacities of up to 18 MB Nope Yes
The function of sending several photos at once in large quantities. Nope Yes
Change view to dark UI Nope Yes

FMWhatsapp App Specifications and Download Link

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As the FMWhatsapp app development process continues, users can access the app up to the latest version. To make it easy for you to get this app, we provide a full download link with specifications. Take a look at his review below.

Application name fmwhatsapp
File size 43 megabytes
Application version 7.90
Price Free

Various great features of FMWhatsapp app

Unlike the official WhatsApp app, FMWhatsapp comes with a variety of interesting and useful features. Starting from font modification, theme customization, privacy settings and wallpapers, here are the top 6 features provided by FMWhatsapp:

1. Privacy


Among the many features on offer, perhaps most users will benefit from this feature. The privacy feature provides many benefits to FMWhatsapp users, one of which is to protect user privacy by hiding online status.

Additionally, users can also disable the blue checkmark that appears after reading the message. This feature is certainly very useful, especially for those of you who want to read incoming messages but don’t have time to reply to them.

Not only that, you can also use the security feature by applying a password to each conversation. This advantage will be very useful for those of you who want to protect or keep incoming messages from other people confidential. Interesting right?

2. emoji


This feature can be very useful, especially for those who like to chat using emojis. Unlike what you previously enjoyed in the original version of WhatsApp, in this FMWhatsapp you have more and more fun and varied emojis. Of course, this is perfect for those of you who are expressive.

From bubble icon, food symbol, to country flag, you can find emoji feature in this FMWhatsapp. Interested in trying it out?

3. Features of multiple accounts

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Not only WhatsApp GB users have this feature, fm whatsapp It also comes with multiple account features for each user. The presence of this dual account feature allows any user to access 2 WhatsApp accounts simultaneously on the same device.

Instead of accessing parallel apps which is quite inconvenient, you can easily use this modded WhatsApp app. There is no need to spend quota or memory to download other applications that allow you to access similar functions.

4. Shortcuts


Another feature that is no less interesting is the shortcut function. With this feature, you can access various menus such as voice memos very conveniently.

When using voice memos on the official WhatsApp app, users may need to long press the “voice memo” icon. But with the shortcut feature in FMWhatsapp, you no longer need to long press the icon to use the voice memo menu.

5. Theme customization


It didn’t take long for this app to become so popular in the eyes of the public. Of course, this is inseparable from the theme customization feature that allows anyone to change their WhatsApp theme at will.

Not only that, you can also download the theme you want and then install it directly. In addition to presenting a different feeling, the theme customization feature can also prevent users from feeling bored or bored by the same theme.

6. Documents and Files

Documents And Files
FMWhatsapp Apk Download Latest Version 2022 (Anti Banned) 25

Another no less interesting feature is the function of documents and files that can be sent in a larger capacity memory. Compared with the official WhatsApp app, maybe it can only send files in a certain capacity and they are very limited. But in FMWhatsapp this is very different.

In this application, you can send files or files with a maximum capacity of up to 50 MB. Not only that, you can also send video files with a capacity limit of up to 1 GB.

Of course, you can’t find this if you use the original app that only allows you to send files with a maximum capacity of 16MB.

How to install FMWhatsapp app

  • Make sure you have the FMWhatsapp file which will be installed in the next process, if you do not have the file then you can download it by accessing the link provided above.
  • Continue with the licensing process on your smartphone. Do this by selecting the settings menu and then selecting the menu “additional settings”continue selecting the option “Privacy” then check the option “Unknown Source” or unknown app.
FMWhatsapp Apk Download Latest Version 2022 (Anti Banned) 26
  • Find the file you downloaded earlier, usually located in the Downloads or Downloads folder on your smartphone device storage.
  • continue clicking “Install on pc” either “Install on pc” in the FMWhatsapp file, make sure you have allowed all notifications.
  • Wait until the installation process is complete.
  • Once the app is successfully installed, you can start using the FMWhatsapp app like the general WhatsApp app.

FMWhatsapp app is here to answer the requests of the users who are not satisfied with the features provided by the original app. So, How? Interested in trying it out?

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