Forgot your Tokopedia PIN? Here are 10 easy ways to overcome

Forgot your Tokopedia PIN?  Here are 10 easy ways to overcome
Forgot your Tokopedia PIN? Here are 10 easy ways to overcome

Forgot your Tokopedia PIN – As a shopping app with a large number of users, of course, Tokopedia wants the security of its users’ transactions. Therefore, Tokopedia has now implemented a security system in the form of a PIN.

The Personal Identification Number (Personal Identification Number) or more popularly as PIN is a security tool for digital transactions today. The PIN is a series of codes in the form of numbers that are secret.

If you are a loyal user of the Tokopedia service, of course you have already created the PIN. Where the Tokopedia PIN must be entered each time a transaction payment is made.

Since the PIN needs to be entered every time you make a payment, the problem of forgetting your PIN will certainly hinder the transaction process on Tokopedia. For that, here will tell you how to fix this problem.

Forgot your Tokopedia PIN and steps to overcome it

PIN usage issue

In this digital age, where most transaction processes require a security code that is also in digital form. The PIN is one of the most used codes. However, the use of a PIN poses some problems.

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An example of the biggest problem or problem in the use of a PIN is that the user forgets their PIN. This also happens to Tokopedia app users. But you don’t have to worry about forgetting the PIN.

Because just like changing passwords, there are ways to overcome forgotten PINs. But of course the way to overcome forgotten PIN is different than password. HOW TO CHANGE TOKOPEDIA PASSWORD.

Tokopedia PIN Troubleshooting

The following are the steps to take when you are having trouble forgetting your PIN.

1. First, open the Tokopedia app.

2. Then click on the menu Bill (at the bottom right corner of the screen).

2. Next, Click On The Account Menu At The Bottom Right Corner Of The Screen.

3. After that, click on the button Arrangement (icon).

3.After That Click On Settings Icon Button.

4. Then several menus will appear on the screen, choose the one above that says Bill.

4. Then Several Menus Will Appear On The Screen, Choose The One Above That Says Account.

5. Then click on the menu Tokopedia PIN.

5. Then Click On The Tokopedia Pin Menu.

6. If you see a screen like the one below, click the button that says Forgot your Tokopedia PIN?.

6. If A Screen Like The One Below Appears, Click The Button That Says Forgot Your Tokopedia Pin?

7. Continue entering a new PIN as desired.

7. Continue Entering A New Tokopedia Pin As Desired.

8. Then enter the new PIN one more time for the confirmation process.

8. Then Enter The New Pin One More Time For The Confirmation Process.

9. Next, the server will send Verification code in the form of SMS.

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10. If you have received the SMS, continue entering the code.

11. Done.


Because the server will send an SMS to your cell phone number that is registered in the system, please make sure the number can still be used.

Causes of failure

Although it seems easy, failures often occur when trying to get through the forgotten PIN steps as above. This failure is usually caused by several factors, namely:

  1. Internet connection
    Since you use an online system, of course, an Internet connection is an important part of the process. So make sure your internet connection is stable. If possible use a Wi-Fi connection because it is more stable.
  2. Not receiving verification code
    Usually, someone doesn’t get a verification code because they have changed their cell phone number, so make sure your cell phone number is still active and able to receive SMS.
  3. invalid PIN
    If the new PIN is considered invalid, it means that you have entered a number that Tokopedia does not allow. An example of an invalid PIN is the repetition of numbers (66666) and consecutive numbers (456789).
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Frequently asked questions I forgot my PIN Tokopedia

1. What is the Tokopedia PIN?

The Tokopedia PIN consists of 6 digits.

2. Are Tokopedia PINs and Tokopedia OVO PINs the same?

No, they are different PINs and are not linked to each other.

3. What is the Tokopedia PIN code?

The Tokopedia PIN code is the Tokopedia PIN itself.

That’s the discussion about forgetting your Tokopedia PIN. If you still have questions about the issue, you can contact Tokopedia directly through the Tokopedia support team. Where Tokopedia Care can be contacted through phone numbers, websites and various social media platforms.