Former manager talks about the suitcase containing RM3 million delivered to Zahid at the official house

Former manager talks about the suitcase containing RM3 million delivered to Zahid at the official house
Former manager talks about the suitcase containing RM3 million delivered to Zahid at the official house

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A former managing director of Ultra Kirana Sdn Bhd (UKSB) told the Shah Alam High Court today that he had delivered a luggage bag containing RM3 million to Ahmad Zahid Hamidi at former Deputy Prime Minister Seri Satria’s official residence in Putrajaya.

David Tan Siong Sun, 47, said he did not remember when the handover was made, but it was the second time he had gone to Zahid’s official residence, with former UKSB director Harry Lee Vui Khun.

Tan said this during the examination in Chief Deputy Prosecutor Raja Rozela Raja Toran’s chief when asked how he had sent the money to Zahid.

He said that he put the RM3 million in a rolling suitcase and left it in the living room.

When Raja Rozela asked Tan about his first installment, Tan replied, “I went to Zahid’s house together with Wan Quoris (former UKSB director Wan Quoris Shah Wan Abdul Ghani).

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“We went to the living room (of Zahid’s house), then Wan Quoris started talking about business operations and political matters. After that, Wan Quoris excused himself and left the room.

“Then I picked up the envelope (containing the money) and informed Datuk Seri ‘this is the envelope’ and put it on the table. (I) salam Datuk Seri and left the room.”

Reading his witness statement, Tan said that he was the person in charge of preparing the cash to give to Zahid each month.

“Harry (Lee) asked me to do it. He also participated in handing over cash to Datuk Seri (Zahid) on a few occasions. I made records to show monthly cash deliveries to Datuk Seri from October 2014 to August 2018,” he said.

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He said the money the UKSB used for the monthly and one-time payments was not taken from UKSB accounts, but came from business partners in Hong Kong.

“UKSB did not have enough funds to cover the payments so I had to ask our partners for help.

“Hong Kong funds would be channeled to Malaysia through the Kuala Lumpur moneychangers and then passed to me in cash. After receiving the cash, I would first store it in the company safe deposit box, and when it was time to make the delivery, I would take out the required amount and put it in a sealed envelope,” he said.

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Zahid, 69, faces 33 counts of receiving S$13.56 million worth of bribes from the UKSB for himself as then Home Secretary to extend the company’s contract as a one-stop center service operator in China. and the foreign visa system (VLN). , as well as maintaining the contract for the supply of the integrated VLN system to the same company by the Ministry of the Interior.

In seven other counts, he was accused of obtaining for himself S$1,150,000, RM 3 million, CHF 15,000 and US$ 15,000 from the same company that had official links to his official duty.

He was charged with committing all crimes in Seri Satria, Precinct 16, Putrajaya and Country Heights Kajang between October 2014 and March 2018.

The trial before Judge Mohd Yazid Mustafa continues tomorrow.