Free Download Latest Whatsapp Aero Android and iOS 2021

Free Download Latest Whatsapp Aero Android and iOS 2021
Free Download Latest Whatsapp Aero Android and iOS 2021

If you are looking for a WhatsApp mod app, WhatsApp Aero or WA Aero may be the most suitable alternative. For WA mod users, WA Aero is quite popular due to its unique features and it is also different from WhatsApp in general.

Well, this time we will explain several things about WA Aero that you should know before downloading and using it. So, here is a brief explanation about WA Aero.

What is AeroWhatsApp?


Aero WhatsApp is one of the WA Mod variants that is still relatively new compared to most other WA mods. Even so, this WhatsApp mod is capable of presenting many features that are certainly no less interesting than other WA mods.

This mod was developed by Bozkurt Hazzarr and assisted by Fouad Mods. WA Aero often imposes regular updates. Of course, this is meant to add features, fix issues or bugs, and also optimize the security of your users.

The main advantage of WA Aero lies in its interface. This mod has an interface that looks good and looks modern. Performance-wise, it could be said that this version of WA mod does not underperform other mods.

Due to the limited features of the original WhatsApp, WhatsApp users started using WA Aero. Don’t worry, because this WA mod has been tested and is compatible with all kinds of Android smartphones.

In the tests that have been carried out, it is shown that WA Aero can work properly and there are rarely bugs or other obstacles. Especially for those of you who are bored with other WA mods, this different look of Aero WA may be the right solution.

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Features of AeroWhatsApp

Well, now it’s time to find out what features the WA Aero mod has. For all the modded apps, of course, what they are waiting for is the features it contains. Right away, here are some features of WhatsApp Aero.

1. Reading retracted messages


Now, WhatsApp has a feature that allows its users to retrieve messages that have been sent. This function is generally used to cancel messages that were sent in error or due to typos.

Surely it will cause you curiosity, right if you have not had time to read the message that has been withdrawn by the sender? Don’t worry, because this WA mod has a feature so you can keep reading the messages that have been removed. So even if the sender has deleted the message, it will still be visible.

2. Improvements to privacy features

Upgrade To Privacy Features

WA Aero has a feature that works to hide the double tick when the message has been read, hide the status when online, hide it from the list of people who see other people’s status and much more.

Not only that, this WA mod also allows you to hide other states like typing, recording, listening to audio files, etc. Anyway, your privacy can be really guaranteed with this WA mod.

3. Existence of Log Files


In the Records feature, you can view a list of contacts who are currently online. Other than that, you can also see friends who changed their profile picture, created a new status, etc. Everything can be seen and checked in no time.

4. Various theme switching options


By now, WhatsApp Aero has provided about 3,000 themes that can be selected at any time. With the large number of themes, of course, it will prevent you from getting bored because the original WhatsApp screen is everything.

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5. Customize the appearance of the WhatsApp application


Not just the main theme, there are many elements in the WhatsApp app that you can customize to your liking. From the main color, font type, check mark, chat box display, etc. Set it yourself until it looks like you want it.

6. Share media with larger size

Share Media With Larger Size

The existence of limitations for sending media through WhatsApp chat sometimes makes things difficult for users. This is because, apart from being a communication tool, WhatsApp is also often used as a means of sharing media, be it photos or videos.

By using this WA Aero mod, you can send HD quality image files with a maximum size of 50 MB. As for the video, the capacity it offers is much higher than the original WA, which is 700 MB.

7. Added custom widgets

Plugin-Custom Widget

When the WA Aero mod has been successfully installed, a special widget will also be installed automatically. Later, you can configure this widget to appear in the main menu of the cell phone or in other places you want.

With this special widget, you can view profile page in WA Aero mod, WhatsApp friends status and also online or offline status without opening WhatsApp app first. Of course this WA mod is very flexible right?

8. App and message lock features


Sometimes, when you lend your cell phone to another person, there is a fear that the message on WhatsApp will be read by that person. To prevent that, you can set a password to open the WhatsApp app.

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However, if you feel that locking the WhatsApp app is too much, you can also set a password to open only the specified WA messages. So when you want to open a message that has been locked, you need to enter the password that was created earlier.

9. WhatsApp media can be hidden


By using this feature, you can specifically hide photos and videos that you get from WhatsApp. Therefore, these photos and videos can only be viewed through the WhatsApp application, they cannot be viewed from the gallery.

10. Added various emojis


Most WhatsApp users always include emojis when they have a conversation. In fact, in the original WhatsApp application itself there are already emojis that can be used. However, many users feel that WA’s default emoji still lack variety.

Therefore, the developer of WA Aero has added more interesting emoji options. So in this WA mod, you will find original WhatsApp emoji, Android Oreo emoji, Android Nougat emoji, Facebook emoji and more.

Download AeroWhatsApp


If you already know and understand some of the features that WA Aero has above, are you ready to immediately download WhatsApp moa? If you’re ready, here’s a link you can use to download it.

Name aero whatsapp
Size 66.71 megabytes
Version 8,860


Click here

It could be said that Aero WhatsApp is one of the best WhatsApp mod variants. Of course, this is due to all the features that the WA mod has. Also, many WhatsApp mod users have demonstrated the sophistication of WA Aero.

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