Free Fire VVIP setup, get a free FF pack

Free Fire VVIP setup, get a free FF pack
Free Fire VVIP setup, get a free FF pack

Free Fire VVIP Settings – It is no wonder that there are many free fire players who top up diamonds just to buy a new set of ff packs.

Therefore, in this meeting I want to share a solution to be able to get skins or packs for free.

Now the way is for it to use the latest vvip free fire config data, so for those who are curious, it is best to see the full information below.

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Explanation of VVIP Free Fire settings

Configure Vvip Free Fire Max

So, before downloading this Free Fire vip setup, it would be good if you read the short explanation below first.

Config vvip free fire is a technique currently used by ff players who want to have free items.

Because the main function of this setting is to open all Free Fire items such as skins, packs, weapon skins, emotes, etc.

So this is one of the best solutions especially for those of you who don’t have money to buy diamonds.

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Apart from that, you should also know that each Free Fire VIP setting is much more secure because it is equipped with an anti-ban feature.

So, for those of you who are currently looking for a tutorial on how to get the ff package for free, use this vvip ff config data.

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So how to download it? so you can have this setup, you can download it directly below.

Download Config VVIP Free Fire Terbaru

For those of you who are curious and want to try using this setup, simply download it by clicking the button below.


When you’re done downloading, what you need to do is install this ff setup package. How ?

How to install FF VIP Config

Actually installing this setup is pretty much the same as installing the ff emote setup I shared above. Here is the walkthrough:

    1. First download vvip free fire setup above
    2. Then extract the file using the app zarchiver
    3. After that, just move the extracted file to the folder com.dts.freefireth in the android Y obb
    4. If it is installed, just go directly to the Free Fire game to get a free pack or skin.
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In addition to skins and packs, you will of course get other prizes, are you curious? just look at its features as follows.

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VVIP setup is done

Well, here are some items that you will get when you have installed the VIP Pack Free Fire setup, including:

  • package set
  • weapon skin
  • skin incubator
  • be excited
  • Face mask
  • and others so on

So how to use this setting? Regarding this, I hope you follow the steps below.

How to use Config VVIP Free Fire

Actually, if you follow all the tutorials above, it will automatically open all the elements of the Free Fire game.

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Well, if you don’t believe it, just look at the image below. Because I myself have tried it first before sharing it with all of you.

Vvip Ff Data Configuration

If all the items are not open, then most likely you are wrong in the setup installation process. Please re-follow the tutorial properly.

In addition to setting, actually in order to get free ff items, you can use ff skin tool app because it has the same function.

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the last word

That’s all I can share with you about Config VVIP Free Fire, Get Free FF Pack. Hopefully it will be useful to everyone.

Also be sure to comment if there is anything you want to ask, other than that keep checking because there will be the latest information every day.