Frequent numbness, tingling and a feeling of imbalance in the body? These are the symptoms of peripheral neuropathy.

Frequent numbness, tingling and a feeling of imbalance in the body?  These are the symptoms of peripheral neuropathy.
Frequent numbness, tingling and a feeling of imbalance in the body? These are the symptoms of peripheral neuropathy.

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Peripheral neuropathy is a condition or problem when the nerves that protect the body’s nerves have been damaged. This causes the nerves to not be able to perform their function as the main engine of the body to send stimuli to the brain and receive them properly.

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This causes numbness, tingling, numbness in the hands or feet and most people with this problem are diabetics.

Diabetics are at risk for peripheral neuropathy!

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According to the latest International Diabetes Federation (IDF) 2021 report, the number of diabetics in Malaysia is increasing from 15.2% in 2011 to 20.0% in 2021 and this has affected more than 4.4 million people in our country (1).

If you want to know, 53.4% ​​of diabetics suffer from Peripheral Neuropathy. This means that every 1 out of every 2 diabetics suffers from Peripheral Neuropathy. (two)

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More worrying is the trend showing that the elderly (50-80 years) have a 4-fold higher risk of developing peripheral neuropathy than younger patients (40-49 years). (3)

Neuropathy Awareness Week spreads awareness about Peripheral Neuropathy.

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In this regard, P&G has taken the initiative by organizing Neuropathy Awareness Week. The program is organized with the aim of raising awareness about the problem of Peripheral Neuropathy.

“We are always committed to raising awareness of the problem of Peripheral Neuropathy. Neuropathy Awareness Week is the main platform for all parties to come together and discuss the situation so that the community can receive informative information and take precautionary measures. We are also committed to educating the public about the effects of peripheral neuropathy on. We encourage everyone to wear a purple ribbon with us to work together to make Neuropathy Awareness Week a success for better collective health in the future.” Review, Aalok Agrawal, Senior Vice President, P&G Health – Asia Pacific, India, Middle East and Africa.

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If you want to know, the Feel Life Challenge campaign is organized in conjunction with Neuropathy Awareness Week. Many interesting activities are carried out, including academic exchange with experts, free nerve health assessment dan ‘Feel the challenge of life’.

Put your nervous skills to the test with the Join the Feel Life Challenge!

In July, be sure to join the Feel Life Challenge. The main goal of this challenge is to help you recognize and detect early symptoms of peripheral neuropathy, such as numbness. This is to encourage an initial review so that this data issue can be addressed at an immediate pace.

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This challenge is not done lightly, rather the main goal of this challenge is to reveal how symptoms of peripheral neuropathy can affect a person’s quality of life and to encourage people with symptoms of peripheral neuropathy to seek timely treatment.

In addition, you can also do your own exam at home by doing an initial test at SINI


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