genieeexumm Reddit and about her

genieeexumm Reddit and about her
genieeexumm Reddit and about her

genieeexumm Reddit- There was a domestic disagreement, Instagram and OnlyFans model Genie Exum is accused of stabbing her boyfriend, Frances Amor. Recently, news of a girl who has become popular on social media has hit social media platforms social.

According to the Washington Post, Instagram model Genie Exum was convicted of stabbing her boyfriend with a kitchen knife in Manhattan and allegedly hitting her cousin with a bottle of wine two years earlier in Alabama over money issues.

People are interested in hearing about the story. Many people are looking for facts in the news to learn more about the situation and what happened between them.

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Who is genieeexumm reddit aka Genie Exum?

Genieeexumm Reddit, also known as Genie Exum, an Instagram and OnlyFans influencer based in New York City, was accused of stabbing her partner during a fight on October 18.the 2021.

Exum’s Instagram and Twitter accounts are filled with sexual innuendos and photos of her in revealing outfits. Her Twitter account is filled with photos of her in bikinis and half-naked women. She appeared to be from Alabama based on public data and social media posts.

According to the Washington Post, Exum’s attorney said in court that she graduated from high school and dropped out of college because of the epidemic. Additionally, Genie Exum from Smiths Station High Schools in Smiths Station, Alabama, was a member of the class of 2017 when she placed 22North Dakota in the 3,000-meter race at a 2013 track meet, according to MileSplit’s Alabama Runners website.

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Why did genieeexumm reddit stab her boyfriend?

Reports suggest that Gineie Exum stabbed her boyfriend, Frances Amor, after a domestic altercation.

Frances was allegedly stabbed with a kitchen knife while fighting inside Genie Exum’s Midtown apartment,” police told the New York Post.