Genius Doctor Ye Qiu – Chapter 2789 – Firan Novel

Genius Doctor Ye Qiu – Chapter 2789 – Firan Novel
Genius Doctor Ye Qiu – Chapter 2789 – Firan Novel

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A dragon roar sounded, and the two water dragons circled around Ye Qiu for a while, and then rushed towards Yishui.

All the visions seem to never appear.


Ye Qiu looked at the mountain in front of him and suddenly snorted.

The royal person with long eyebrows looked up and saw the Buddha statue emitting faint golden light on the top of the opposite hill.

Although the golden light was dim, it was still very conspicuous in the middle of the night.

Is there a treasure?

“Little bastard, let’s see, there may be something good lying on the opposite mountain.

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The real Changmei suddenly exclaimed, because she found out that Ye Qiu had appeared on the other side of the Longmen Bridge at some point.

Little bastard, wait for the bad road

The real Changmei screamed and quickly chased after him.

Soon, the two reached the Buddha statue.

Among the many Buddha statues, this Buddha statue was inconspicuous, it was only over two meters high.

The Buddha statue was sitting cross-legged on the lotus platform, smiling, holding a string of beads in his hands, his eyes downcast and royal.

At this time, the body of the Buddha statue emitted a faint golden light.

“Strange, there are countless Buddha statues here, why is this Buddha the only one with the Buddha light?”

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Ye Qiu took a step forward, walked in front of the Buddha statue, raised his head, and looked into the eyes of the Buddha statue for a moment, suddenly a hot feeling came out of his right palm.

Ye Qiu looked down and saw a “swastika” appear on his right palm, glowing brightly.

Buddha with the swastika

A real man with long eyebrows was shocked and asked, “Where did you get it?”

“Temple of the Emperor”. Ye Qiu replied.

After he went to Caesar’s Temple last time and killed Kasyapa Nagarjuna, he not only obtained this mysterious swastika, but also obtained the magic in the room and the ancient Bodhi tree.

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“Old man, what is the swastika doing?” When Ye Qiu spoke, he felt as if something was guiding him, and gently pressed his right palm against the Buddha statue.


Suddenly, dense seal characters burst forth from the body of the Buddha statue, each seal character the size of a copper coin, shining with a fiery golden light.

A royal man with long eyebrows widened his eyes and made a careful identification.

Immediately, he recognized her.

“This is the supreme secret technique of Buddhism, the Changmei Immortal Voice God Book has just dropped, and every golden seal character is swarming in Ye Qiu’s eyebrows.