Get Contact app, how to see contact names on other people’s cell phones

Get Contact app, how to see contact names on other people’s cell phones
Get Contact app, how to see contact names on other people’s cell phones

Get contact app or what is sometimes called the GTC app is currently being sought after by smartphone users.

The reason is that this app can make your android smartphone more comfortable “cleansed” from unknown messages because this is an application to see the names of the contacts, not only the contacts in our cell phones, but we can also see a list of Names of contacts in other people’s cell phone numbers, you know. This is useful for those of you who “curious” Who are the numbers stored in the cell phone? and two?

Besides, you can also block unknown calls and SMS. Do you often get messages or chats that come out of the blue? Personally, sometimes I receive unknown messages that are undoubtedly annoying for us as users.

Even I personally block unknown messages and calls on my cell phone because it’s really annoying, and there are some who may send SMS for bad purposes, like asking for account number, etc. Therefore, protecting your cell phone from spam SMS attacks is very important for our safety and comfort as smartphone users.

What is the Get Contact app?

Get Contact App

This app is available on the Google Play Store which if installed will protect you from messages like SMS or unknown calls. In addition, you can also check any person’s contact names stored in other people’s cell phones.

it is Request East A MAN use? The answer is of course SAFE because it has been downloaded by more than 10 million users and the rating of this app is also quite good namely 4.1.

Get Contacts Features, Apps View Contact Names

Why this app can block spam SMS and calls? Here is the answer. Oh yeah, besides that, the other feature of this Android app is that it can also be used to check contact names on other people’s cell phones, you know. This app has 2 main features which include:

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With this feature, the application can detect certain numbers that send SMS or calls to your number, if the number (sender) is not in the contact list of our cell phone, it will filter the message or call as spam so that it can protect our cell phone.

In addition to SMS, Get Contact also has a function to block unnecessary calls, as I said before. I was personally worried because I was getting about 4 calls from unknown numbers in different countries every 5 minutes. But now it is no longer so this android app is really important.

How to use the Get Contact app on Android

  1. First download the app on the Google Play Store or via this link.
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Download Get Contact Here

  1. After that, install the app as usual.
  2. If it has been installed, immediately open the app and register an account.
  3. When you open the application for the first time, the initial screen will appear, select “Next”.
  4. After that, select Continue and if the app asks for contact and call access, select Allow it.
Contact Android App
  1. Next, register an account. To sign up, you can use a regular cell phone number or a WhatsApp number.
  2. Registering an account is for verification only, then enter your personal details.
  3. Once the verification process is complete, simply reopen the app.
  4. Done. From now on, your smartphone will be protected against unknown SMS and calls.

How to view other HP contact names in the GTC app

As the previous admin said, we can also see the contact names in other people’s cell phones from this contact, the method is very easy.

  1. Open the app right now, make sure you have added the number you want to point to your phone’s contact list.
  2. After that, just open the contact list on the contact cell phone, then select the number you want to give.
  3. then please click “Other bookmarks” at the bottom of the contact’s name.
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Later a list will appear with all the numbers saved in your contacts, so if you want to know about him you can use this application because maybe he has the number of his ex, right? Hahaha.

SMS Verification Get Is the contact not incoming?

If when you register and request a verification code and it does not enter our SMS, you cannot verify your account. Then the next step is to force close the app first through the App Settings on their respective cell phones.

Or if it still doesn’t work, restart your phone and turn it on airplane mode for a few seconds, then turn it off again. It could be because the network is being interrupted. If there is still something you want to ask, you can discuss it directly through comments.

That is admin info this time for Get Contact app for Android phones. Now with the above app it certainly makes android phones safer and cleaner than SPAM sms and calls. If you want a clean phone, use this app because it not only blocks spam SMS and calls, but you can also see contact names on other people’s cell phones.