Get to know Flutter from the Google trending topic

Get to know Flutter from the Google trending topic
Get to know Flutter from the Google trending topic

Get to know Flutter from the Google trending topic – Since its release in 2017, it seems that Flutter has caught the attention of many people to become a hot topic that continues to be discussed throughout 2019 so far. This is because giants like Alibaba, Ebay and Google Ads have all used the same app. Among app developers, Flutter is one of the favorite frameworks that can help developers build cross-platform mobile apps that run with packages. cheap vps.

For those of you who are curious about Google’s Flutter, which is a hot topic, you can read the review below.

What is Flutter?

Flutter is a software development kit (SDK) that can help developers build cross-platform mobile apps using just one codebase or one codebase.

Now, for those who want to develop applications on Android, iOS, web or desktop devices, it is more practical and easy. If in the past you needed to use the Java programming language for Android mobile apps, while iOS apps used Swift/Objective C code, now you can just use Flutter.

Flutter only requires a Dart programming language and a code base, you know! Google, which developed the Flutter programming language since 2011, has focused on developing the front-end so that the programming language can be used to build mobile and web applications. By using the SDK and UI framework, Flutter has a simple working system with more optimal results depending on your needs.

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The advantages of Flutter that you need to know

Flutter is a framework with a more attractive programming language and a simple working system on the Android or iOS platform. As a programmer planning to create a new application, you only need to develop applications with Dart code and widgets provided by the framework. Just write the code compiled by the C++ engine with the Android NDK or those of you using the iOS operating system should use the code compiled with the LLVM engine.

When the code is complicated on a per-device basis, for example, the native code will be recompiled with the Dart Compiler on the Android OS. Just try to install the Flutter SDK app, then you will get a package containing Command-line Tools and Dart Devtools.

These are the advantages of applications with the Dart programming language that you should know about, namely:

1. Faster code writing

The benefits of Flutter are faster code writing and code changes can be viewed directly in the app. The Hot Reload feature can display your encoding results faster.

Of course, the heavy lifting of the programmers can be made lighter because you can see the results right in the app. If there are less than optimal results, app developers can immediately make improvements, such as adding features, fixing bugs, or trying the latest experiments.

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2. Ease of one code for two applications at the same time

The reason many developers have started switching to Flutter is because it offers a single code base that can be used across platforms. You can create the same app with a code base on Android and iOS apps, and vice versa. For example, if you want your app to look different on Android and iOS, you can fix it quickly and easily.

3. Have an attractive appearance in the user interface

The existence of Widgets feature in Flutter which offers attractive design, navigation, animation, theme style, font and scrolling display settings, why not? The design of the application you develop can be better and more beautiful, you know!

4. Ease of learning of this application

Beginner app developers should not hesitate to use Flutter as Google’s open source is easy to learn. No need to spend a lot of money, you can learn the Flutter programming language on your own or join a programming community.

The Dart programming language is an object-oriented language or similar to learning the Java or C++ programming language. Even newbies can learn faster and easier because Flutter doesn’t require more code.

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5. Low development cost

This is because Flutter published by Google has the advantage of a cross-platform app building framework. Of course, app developers can cut the cost of developing apps more affordable. Flutter’s features are pretty comprehensive for free, so you can save on everything.

Among the many advantages that Flutter offers, some consider Flutter to have a larger size.

It’s no wonder that users who have smart devices with limited memory find it difficult to download apps that use Flutter.

Also, Flutter is a new product that still needs to be further developed.

Because the library is still incomplete compared to native development.

However, Flutter is supported by Google, which is expected to grow even faster. Impressive reviews from app developers are proof that Flutter with the Dart programming language is suitable for those of you who plan to build cross-platform apps.

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For those of you who want to develop the latest cross-platform applications more efficiently and effectively, you must use Flutter. If you get the hang of it, you can offer developer services to clients or businesses at fantastic rates.

that’s the review learnwithyoudha Regarding the information about Flutter from the Google Trending topic, I hope it is useful!