Get used to it from now on, this is how digital fingerprints are erased on the internet

Get used to it from now on, this is how digital fingerprints are erased on the internet
Get used to it from now on, this is how digital fingerprints are erased on the internet

Kata.jsmalfamart.comGet used to it from now on, this is how digital fingerprints are erased on the internetthis must be done to ensure the security of your privacy.

Many people are not aware that they have left a digital footprint on the Internet. Although many people can access the fingerprint in a short time.

According to the Ministry of Information and Communication Technologies, these digital traces take various forms, including browser search history, can also come from app text messages, photos and videos (including those that have been deleted), tags photos and videos of other people. , locations visited, until Cookies access approval on the device.

Therefore, it is important that Internet users know the implications or impacts of leaving this digital footprint.

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You can protect your personal data by minimizing its digital footprint, one of which can be done by removing it from the Internet.

Here’s How To Remove Fingerprints On The Internet

Get Used To It From Now On, This Is How Digital Fingerprints Are Erased On The Internet

1. Incognito use

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The first way is to use the incognito or private mode in the browser when browsing the Internet.

In this way, the Application will not record the pages visited or the keywords you use.

But for the record, it does not mean that this way you are not tracked at all. Just like when you log into Facebook, your activity will still be recorded.

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But to cover the ISP, you can use a VPN when you are browsing in cyberspace. You can help protect your personal data.

2. Checking for potentially leaked data

Data leakage is not something new. However, as an Internet user you can foresee it.

To do this, go to the Have I Been Pwned website. This is a free service to help people check if user information data has ever been leaked or compromised.

You just need to type an email address on the site, and then you will see what data has been leaked before.

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3. Delete all cookies

The next way to do this is by deleting Cookies. That way there will be no more trackable sites.

This can be done in all used browsers from Chrome to Firefox. However, if you don’t want to go through the lengthy process of removing them one by one, you can use a part like Advanced System Optimizer to remove them all at once.

4. Restrict browsing from apps

Each app has a slightly different approach to recording user activity and some of them make the user comfortable with incognito mode. Then other apps will stop tracking when requested by the user.

However, a good first step is to check your settings to stop tracking.

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If you don’t see this option, delete all activities manually. The process will vary depending on the operating system used.

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5. Clear search history

Many apps store user data both locally and in the cloud. This will allow you to sync the information with other devices.

It can be interpreted that in order to delete the cell phone search record, you need to delete the records on various platforms.

For example, Google will store a history of searches made on your phone. So, to remove it, open access from a web browser and open Google activity history, then remove it.

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6. Use of the DeleteMe service

Data collectors like Spokeo, PeopleFinder are some of the best known names for collecting information and selling it to third parties.

To remove it, use a service like DeleteMe or Deseat.Me that can help you remove the digital traces.

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