Gopay Recharge using funds quickly and easily

Gopay Recharge using funds quickly and easily
Gopay Recharge using funds quickly and easily

Gopay Top Up with Dana: Do you already know how to transfer balance to Gopay or top up Go-Pay through the DANA app? There is no need to get confused because the steps are quite simple. Even if this is your first experience, you can easily do it.

Through this article, we will guide you step by step to transfer balance funds to Gopay. So you just have to follow this writing guide to successfully send the balance as you wish.

Actually, sending funds balance to GoPay is not much different from digital wallet transfers in general, especially through the Send or Withdraw Balance menu. This time we will explain how to go through the Send menu because it is easier.

We illustrate with a selection of banks of precious stones. As for the account number that uses the GoJEK company code followed by the mobile number of the destination Gojek account, the format is 898 + Go-pay number that we will top up or transfer.

But before moving on to the transfer stage, there are a few things you need to know:

Withdrawals and balance transfers using the DANA app can only be made if you have upgraded your DANA account to Premium, so your account status can be verified.

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“There is no minimum balance transfer for Gopay Top Up using funds”

“The maximum balance of funds that can be withdrawn or transferred to the bank is IDR 1,000,000 per transaction.

“Each month you will get 10 free withdrawals or transfers of funds. If the quota is exhausted, an administration fee of Rs 4,500 per transaction will be charged.

Very well, just go to the How to Transfer Balance Funds to GoPay section, which starts with upgrading to a DANA Premium Account.

How to upgrade to a DANA Premium account

As mentioned above, you need to upgrade your account to premium to transfer and withdraw your DANA app balance, the status of the DANA account needs to be verified. Here’s how to upgrade your DANA Premium account, which you can read about in this article: How to upgrade your DANA account to Premium.

How to top up Gopay using funds

Now let’s move on to the main topic, How to transfer fund balance to GoPay? It’s easy, you just have to follow these steps:

  1. Open the DANA app and sign in to a verified account. Then click the “Send” menu.
  2. Then select “Send to bank account”.
  3. Please enter the bank information. Choose a bank, here we select a banking gem. Fill in the Account Number column in the format 898 + mobile number registered in the destination GOPAY or Gojek account, for example 898087123567891. Fill in the Alias ​​​​column as you wish. If everything is full, click “ADD NEW BANK”.
  4. Next, enter the top-up amount you want to transfer. If so, click NEXT.
  5. The details of the transaction will appear. Check the accuracy of the nominal information of the transfer and the name of the destination GOPAY account. If it is correct, click the “Confirm” button.
  6. Finally, enter your 6-digit DANA PIN.
  7. A notification will appear informing you that the payment was successful! Congratulations, the balance transfer to GoPay was completed successfully.
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If you want to make sure whether the fund balance has been transferred to GOPAY successfully or not, you can check directly in the Gojek destination app to see whether the GOPAY balance has increased or not.

Or you can check in the Gojek inbox menu, if there is a history of incoming transfers through DANA wallet, it means that the transfer of funds to GOPAY you made was successful.

The process of sending or transferring fund balances to GoPay instantly is the same as sending or transferring funds to another funding account. So the process will not take long.

There is no minimum limit for transfers, but at most you can only send a balance of up to IDR 1,000,000 per transaction. You will also receive 10 times the free administration fee each month from the fund.

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If the free quota is exhausted, how much administrative fee must be paid? For each transfer, an administrative fee of IDR 4,500 will be charged.

If your transfer still fails, please contact DANA Customer Service. To do this, open the My menu in the lower right corner of the DANA app home page. Click Help Center, then search for and select the Contact Us menu. Contact one of the channels listed here. You can use the chat function through WA.

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