Great investment opportunity in Indonesia in 2022

Great investment opportunity in Indonesia in 2022
Great investment opportunity in Indonesia in 2022

Great Investment Opportunity In Indonesia In – Due to Indonesia’s rich natural resources coupled with rapid economic growth, many countries around the world are particularly interested in investing in Indonesia. People from abroad who have business entities invest quickly after meeting the official requirements.

In the investment sector, Indonesia is in great demand by the world community. Not without reason, because the opportunity is considered very tempting. This is inseparable from the investment system, where the more you invest, the higher the profit.

Some sectors that are attractive for investment in Indonesia

It cannot be denied that Indonesia’s appeal is so strong that many foreign countries want to invest in Indonesia. Because Indonesia is known as one of the most populous countries in the world with a very large labor force and domestic market. This is inseparable from the demographic dividend that makes Indonesia a leading sector in the world economy.

With so many natural resources in one of the highest levels of biodiversity in the world, anyone may be interested in managing their finances in Indonesia. Not only that, as the country with the largest Muslim population in the world, Indonesia is also known as the third largest democracy in the world. Furthermore, Indonesia has a strong climate policy and is committed to implementing existing structural reforms.

Important Points for Potential Foreign Investors Interested in Investing in Indonesia

It is very easy to invest, including foreign countries that are interested in investing in Indonesia. So there are some important things to consider before investing. The foreign investment system requires that the investment be made in the form of a limited liability company, such as a PT in Indonesia.

Also, working capital can be in the form of foreign capital or joint ventures with local investors. Interestingly, the amount of investment invested by foreign companies could be higher, for example, Rp. 10 billion excluding land and buildings, as well as a paid-up capital of Rp. 2.5 billion. And shareholders must own shares worth a minimum of IDR 10 million.

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Great Investment Opportunities in Various Special Regions

Investing in Indonesia can have great opportunities if the area to be used as the investment destination is in a special area like KEK, KSPN, KI and also KPBPB. For more details, the following is an explanation of the special area:

  • KEK is a Special Economic Zone

    SEZ, which is a Special Economic Zone, is an area that has certain boundaries. This area has geoeconomic and geostrategic advantages supported by infrastructures such as toll roads and highways, ports, airports and railways.

    Not only that, the provision of facilities and incentives in the form of tax and non-tax facilities, as well as the facility to grant investment licenses is due to the creation of SEZ administrators. So far there are 15 SEZs in Indonesia, including; SEZ Sei Mangkei, Arun Lhoksumawe, Tanjung Kelayang, Bitung, Morotai, Maloy Batuta Trans Kalimantan, Tanjung Lesung, Palu, Mandalika, Galang Batang, Sorong, Tanjung Api-api, Singhasari, Kendal and also Likupang.

  • KSPN is a National Strategic Tourism Area

    Meanwhile, the National Strategic Tourism Area or KSPN in Indonesia consists of five regions. These super priority areas include; Lake Toba, Mandalika Lombok, Borobudur, Labuan Bajo and Likupang. So the above five areas have huge tourism potential in Indonesia. Which is one of the attractive investment attractions in Indonesia.

  • KI is an Industrial Zone

    For their part, the Industrial Estates or KI are special areas that are planned with the purpose of developing an industry. In Indonesia, there are 108 IPs spread across the island of Java. This includes the attractiveness of investment in Indonesia provided by the government. In addition, in order to start the construction of the project without further requirements, you can directly apply for construction permits and environmental permits in parallel with the project construction process.

  • KPBPB is a Free Port and Free Trade Zone

    The Free Port and Free Trade Area is also one of the attractions for investment in Indonesia for foreign countries. Even now, there are 4 KPBPB areas in Indonesia, such as Sabang, Batam, Bintan and Karimun. Well, KPBPB generally enforces the rules of being free of import duty and excise duty. So that the investment opportunities in these areas can optimally reach the commercial, maritime, industrial, transportation, banking, tourism and fishing sectors.

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Complete procedure for investment in Indonesia

Currently, the Indonesian government continues to strive to provide convenience to anyone who wants to invest or invest in Indonesia. One of them is the Online Single Submission system or also known as OSS. All aspects related to licensing are fully covered in it.

This unique online presentation was originally made in 2018 and is a gateway to the government service system related to the relevant ministry as an institution. With OSS, licensing for the initial investment is expected to be simpler, faster and easier.

So just look at the investment procedures in Indonesia that use the system HSO the following are practical and easy:

  • Register Account HSO

    Having a valid identity number, such as NIK for Indonesian citizens and passport for foreign citizens, is very important to create an account. HSO. In addition, it is also required to have an NPWP. Well, after entering valid data, every potential investor will get user identification and also key code as much as E-mail OSS account activation.

  • Creation of a commercial identification number or NIB

    After the OSS account has been successfully created, potential investors must create a Business Identification Number or NIB. What functions for the identity of business actors to be used for various types of business activities. This identity is valid while you carry out business activities.

    In addition to serving as proof of investment registration, this NIB also functions to ratify TDPs, APIs, and optional customs access rights. Some of the data needed to make NIB includes; company data, writing data, management data, shareholders, even business activity data.

  • permission management

    After obtaining the NIB, potential investors must also make a declaration of commitment to a business license. This requirement is to meet the requirements of a business license or also a business or operating permit, location permit, environmental permit and also IMB. A business license can be issued if the potential investor has made a declaration of commitment and it is effective. If it has been met, it also includes PNPB payments. In addition, potential investors will receive operating or commercial permits if they have met all the required conditions.

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Thanks to a comprehensive discussion on investing in Indonesia, this clearly shows that investment opportunities are always wide and potential. Therefore, all potential foreign investors are attracted to invest in Indonesia for no reason. Today, everyone can easily invest.