Great Outdoor Lightroom Formulas, God Level Editing!

Great Outdoor Lightroom Formulas, God Level Editing!
Great Outdoor Lightroom Formulas, God Level Editing! – Rumus Lightroom Keren Outdoors – Do you usually take photos but the results are like this? the color is monotonous and boring? In this case, it’s best to just edit using Cool Outdoor Lightroom Formulas.

The Cool Outdoor Lightroom formula makes photos look more colorful even with black, but the color black used here isn’t just black.

This formula adjusted photo was taken outdoors with beautiful trees. My advice is don’t use it indoors as the photos may not be appropriate.

Before we talk about the Cool Outdoor Lightroom formula, for those of you who are new, you can first read our article on how to use the Lightroom app. But if you already know how to use this app, check out the article below.

Rumus Lightroom Keren Outdoors

Contrast with the lighter orange-toned Lightroom Formula. For this formula it looks darker because it uses a black base color. So let’s get started right away. Here is the Cool Outdoor Android Lightroom formula that you can use with the Play Store app.

1. Lighting

Cool Lightroom Formulas Outdoor Lighting

First go to the lighting section and adjust the lighting and other sections as shown below. If you are confused why you use English, you can refer to the following table because we use Indonesian.

Turning on +0.43EV
Contrast -24
Stand out +54
Shade -Sixty-five
rona putih +8
Black -14

Then click Write Curve or the curve at the top. Then adjust the white curve as shown in the created curve.

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2. Coloring

Cool Lightroom Formulas For Outdoor Coloring

Next we move on to the color part. You only need to prepare two tools here. For patterns and saturation, leave it blank because it’s not as good if you set it back.

Temperature +28
Intensity +6

3. Color mix

In the Cool Outdoor Lightroom formula, we only set the colors to orange, yellow, green, purple, and pink. If any color is not registered, it means that it does not need to be reset.

Color scab Saturation luminanes
oren -10 +34
Yellow -100 -100 -35
Green -100 -100 -100
A GU -100 -100
Pink +61 +49

4. Effect

The following Cool Outdoor Lightroom formula raises Clarity to 44, Fog to 9, Vignette to -29, and raises Midpoint and Feather to 50 and 48, respectively, as shown in the table below.

Clarity +44
mist effect +9
Bullet point -29
middle point +50
Pen +48

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5. Details (settings)

Finally, I set the Color Noise settings to 6, Detail 53, and Softness to 54 to make the photo even softer and more pleasing to the eye, you could say this is a final editing process.

color noise reduction 6
Detail 53
Subtlety 54

Note: The settings I provided need to be filled in as above, and if any menus or tools are not in the table, you don’t need to find and adjust them again.

That was Outdoor Cool Lightroom’s interesting way of making photos look different. Want to see more lightroom formulas? Just look at the cool Lightroom formulas discussed above.

maybe enough to talk Rumus Lightroom Keren Outdoors here. Hopefully the friends who have passed through here like the filters we share. Thank you….

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