GrenMiner Review | 4.5% Profit per hour Crypto Scam Logit or Scam

GrenMiner Review |  4.5% Profit per hour Crypto Scam Logit or Scam
GrenMiner Review | 4.5% Profit per hour Crypto Scam Logit or Scam

GrenMiner Review _ the place it was newly created on March 19, 2022, without any admin information or details about crypto mining on the backend. However, it maintains that members can make up to 4.5% profit per hour by investing in bitcoin.

It also offers other benefit-weighted levels through a unilevel compensation plan. A quick search of the site shows a bounty bonus cache, where members can get rewards, with the intention of making GrenMiner popular.

As incredulous as a 4.5% ROI on the lowest plan, GrenMiner seems to advertise flat listing returns. Some plans can earn a member up to 270% in just five (5) days.

However, the site doesn’t seem to have any corresponding earning options despite offering so much ROI in a short investment period. The only room for real investment is a hodgepodge of crypto buzzwords with no correlation to the coins listed on the site.

If affiliates are going to make a profit mining coins, they will find it easier to sign up with a reputable company than an obscure anonymous one. That is the case with this platform. Our GrenMiner review could not find any mention of the operators.

Why would someone invest in such a company? Here are possible reasons _

  • Passive income goes up to a few hundred dollars in a short period,
  • The ROI quote requires only minimum contributions from the affiliate, and
  • Any semblance of security (a certificate of incorporation, in this case).
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As for security, the certificate of incorporation on the site does not guarantee one iota of protection in case the company goes bankrupt, which it more than likely won’t. Check the trend. Watermine offered similar crypto platforms and scammed people in the end.

We highlight key issues about the platform in this GrenMiner review. Read below for more details.

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GrenMiner Review: Overview

The company is incorporated in the UK and allegedly runs crypto mining software that offers mining units in fixed deposits. Once any member buys a plan, they can get the attached ROI per level during the validity period.

Some of the listed coins that GrenMiner claims to mine include the following _

USDT (TRC20 and ERC20),







BNB and Litecoin.

So far, the company does not offer any tangible products that members can buy, although the plan linked to earnings is a compliance check, which means that GrenMiner requires regulation.

Nothing about cryptocurrency excludes it from the maze of the SEC’s definition of investment securities.

So, our GrenMiner Review checked for any sign of a security license on the site, but found an entirely different story: GrenMiner was blacklisted by the Russian central regulator. (More on this later).

The PR argument so far has been to deconstruct any objections to traditional crypto mining that GrenMiner would be remiss in encouraging members to only invest money and get fixed price ROI. How do you miss the point? Because crypto mining requires proof of work, the blockchain timestamp requires a lot of effort to obtain.

Check out the affiliate compensation plan below.

Affiliate Compensation Plan

The plan here is like a charlatan offer: invest one, get two. So our GrenMiner review finds a 2 BTC for 9 BTC per hour ad at the lowest level here. See the full plans below.

Validity period of 16 days _ pays 2450% ROI

Validity period of 5 days _ pays 270% ROI

Validity period of twenty-four (24) hours _ pays 115% ROI

Furthermore, the same plan offers an hourly earning of 4.5%, which earns 108% per day.

In addition, members earn percentage bonuses from an affiliate compensation grid (unilevel grid), earning 1% on levels 2 and 3 and 6% on level 1.

This is how the unilevel network works.

Members personally recruited by the affiliate fill the First Level. First level referrals start the second level by recruiting people to purchase a package. Subsequently, the recursive layout produces a typical MLM compensation grid.

Without any solid income on the backend, the single-tier network is just a pictorial representation of a pyramid scheme. GrenMiner is a perfect case as it is similar to fake crypto investments like Finiko.

To update:

GrenMiner Review _ CBR, Bank of Russia, Blacklists GrenMiner

On an online indexing website,, Russia’s central financial regulator, the Bank of Russia, labeled Grenminer as showing “signs of a financial pyramid.”

The tag is a diagnostic showing that GrenMiner meets all the requirements of a Ponzi scheme.

Rather than stop the charade it is advertising, GrenMiner chooses to replicate it in a different jurisdiction using a UK incorporation as a cover. That is why such certificates are useless as security or monetary protection.

It is safe?

No, the platform is not secure for a little investment.

You have too much dead weight in your baggage to pass the SEC requirements in Russia or the UK. Also, the operators are anonymous. And they offer unrealistic returns.

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