Gushcloud expands its partnership with Tokyo eSports

Gushcloud expands its partnership with Tokyo eSports
Gushcloud expands its partnership with Tokyo eSports

Gushcloud Expands Partnership with Tokyo eSports Gate Inc


Jakarta ( – Entertainment agency Gushcloud International has formed a capital and business alliance with Tokyo eSports Inc. to develop a business that combines the real and digital sides of esports and is headquartered in the Tower. from Tokyo.

Through this alliance, Gushcloud International and Gushcloud Japan Co. GmbH. which is a subsidiary of Gushcloud in Japan under CEO Hiroaki Sawa, decided to work exclusively with Tokyo eSports Gate on sponsorship marketing to expand their eSports business.

“We are excited to partner with Tokyo eSports Gate to help the company build an iconic stadium in central Tokyo dedicated to esports and gaming,” Sawa said in a statement on Monday.

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“We wanted to bring together this exciting opportunity for brands with a growing interest in this category and audience to form effective partnerships and sponsorships with Tokyo eSports Gate. We really look forward to cooperating with Japanese partners,” he added.

Gushcloud International has offices in 11 countries around the world, including Indonesia, with 300+ unique talents and 60,000+ influencers. Gushcloud Japan was founded in 2000 as a joint venture between NTT Docomo and Dentsu.

The two entered into a capital and business alliance with D2C Inc. and began working together in October 2017. Today, the company entered the esports business and is expanding the management and planning of professional esports teams, streamers and events around the world.

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Gushcloud also has connections with over 20,000 brands and advertising agencies around the world.

Tokyo eSports Gate (TEG) has developed the “RED° TOKYO TOWER” in the Tokyo Tower industrial area with the aim of making it a place where everyone has an experience like never before.

In addition to enriching popular game titles and entertainment content, TEG tracks hardware and software content that uses the latest technology in a wide range of experiences.

The global network of business partners, brands, exclusive talents, eSports players and streamers created by Gushcloud is ready to partner with Tokyo eSports Gate to bring eSports x entertainment to the world.

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With esports becoming a fast-growing global industry, a global collaboration between Gushcloud and Tokyo eSports Gate is considered most appropriate. The capital and business alliance will include synergies between the two companies in the eSports business and the marketing sponsor of Tokyo eSports Gate.

Tokyo eSports Gate will continue to expand opportunities to create new experiences by collaborating with esports-related companies and organizations.

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