“Happy birthday to my daughter..” – Andy Flop Poppy

“Happy birthday to my daughter..” – Andy Flop Poppy
“Happy birthday to my daughter..” – Andy Flop Poppy

Andy Flop Poppy shares photos together with the birthday of his daughter Princess Adlin Syafinie Cur1 Attention fans. Wow, Dar4’s son is big, he’s beautiful and sweet.

Surely you remember the group Flop Poppy that was once popular with the song Cinta, Aku & Kamu, Atas Nama Cinta and The rest of my life. The main vocalist of this group is Andy or real name Megat Effendy Zakaria.

Despite being away from the art world for a long time, Andy still has fans who always follow his development. Looking at his Instagram account, Andy shared many photos of his family, including the children.

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Among the entries that attracted attention were publishing Andy with his daughter, Princess Adlin Syafinie. Andy uploaded the picture in conjunction with his son’s birthday and Andy gave his daughter a special shout out.


Syafinie is the fourth child of seven siblings namely Megat Daniel Azreen, Megat Zarul Mukhriz, Puteri Adlin Natasya, Puteri Adlin Syafinaz, Megat Adam Zakaria and Puteri Sumayyah Ramadhani.

Let’s see the association below:

The association also received birthday greetings from netizens. Among the comments given by Internet users:

What is Andy baba__andy number? Who was the first couple, is it this one or is it her sister? Better .. “

“Owh… happy birthday to him baba__andy… easy²an always blessed by Allah Taala. You and your family are healthy.”

“Masha Allah, sheikh. I met your daughter at adidas 1u Andy.. Happy birthday finie.. I wish I always cheap sustenance.. “

Despite not performing with the group Flop Poppy, Andy’s soul towards music has never faded. Andy is still working behind the scenes and always shares his guitar playing videos on Instagram.

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Video of Andy playing the guitar:


May Andy be successful in whatever field he ventures into and be happy with his wife, children and grandchildren. Not forgetting also to wish Princess Adlin Syafinie a happy birthday.


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Source: Andy’s IG

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