Here are 10 games to win real money and proven payouts

Here are 10 games to win real money and proven payouts
Here are 10 games to win real money and proven payouts

games to make money Playing games is one of the fun activities that many people do. And keep in mind that games are an option to fill your free time and can even deal with the stress of being too busy with activities.

But have you ever thought that you can earn a lot of money playing? Yes, of course this would be a lot of fun if it could be done. You can not only get entertainment by playing games and operating apps, but also earn a lot of money.

So what is the list of games and applications to earn money that we can play?

If you are interested in trying your hand at this exciting activity, has prepared several lists of games to earn money directly into your account that you can play right now. Are you curious about the game? Check out the full review below!

List of games to earn money

List Of Games To Earn Money

For those of you who have quite capable skill in games, especially in various types of games, of course it is good for you to put your skills to good use in playing games that can make money.

Below is a list of recommendations on games to earn money that you can use as a platform to earn money during this pandemic.

So what is the list of game names? check it out below!

1. I do

I Make

Of course, this application of a game is not alien to the ears of all friends. It can be said that Hago itself is one of the games that currently enjoys great popularity among the public, especially among teenagers. Because Hago has various types of interesting games that can be played as a social digital platform.

Not only does it give you the freedom to choose to play games, it turns out that this app can also make quite a bit of money. Interested in trying?

Another cool thing that Hago owns is a fairly comprehensive feature with very simple navigation. In this game, you can also play with your friends both online and offline. Of course, with the presence of this option, players will not easily get bored.

So how do you make money through Hago? Well, all you have to do is install additional apps on your smartphone. The name of the app is Lucky Miner. With this application you can earn money and it can be transferred directly to your account.

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2. Mobile Premier League (MPL)

Mobile Premier League

The second money making game app that you can play on your Android is the MPL app. Currently, the people of Indonesia popularly play the Mobile Premier League (MPL). This game offers a variety of online games that are involved in it. This app has also been present in several countries like India and Indonesia.

The MPL app itself offers various types of games that are very interesting and fun to play in your spare time. Some examples of MPL games are Fruit Dart, Football, Billiards, etc.

In order to play this game, you must pay with diamonds and chips. The method is clear, first you have to do a recharge. If you manage to win various types of MPL games, you will get a diamond and a token, which you can then exchange for Rupiah through the LinkAja digital wallet.

3. Play player

Play Player

The third recommendation of quoted from the page is very popular among players today because this game that generates bank balances can be used to invite friends to play. So it is not surprising that this game is being played.

In order to earn money, you must actively play this game. The more actively you play, the more chances you have to earn points. Especially for those of you who can and usually win in the game, the points earned will be much more.

If you have accumulated a lot of points, then it’s time to exchange them into our currency.

4. Player Unknown’s Battlegrounds (PUBG)


Who does not know this game? Yes of course! This game made by Tencent is being played by gamers. Even public businesses in our beloved country also enjoy this game.

When in battle mode, there are 100 players participating in the battle simultaneously. You can do various game modes such as solo, duo or squad.

In order to make money from this game, you can look for opportunities like opening an account jockey service to improve your rank or win rate, selling high ranking accounts, being a PUBG streamer, and finally being able to participate in organized tournaments. .

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Fortnite game is one of the most popular Battle Royale games especially for Europe and America. This game has very impressive graphic quality and unique and interesting gameplay.

In order to make money from this game, you can take advantage of game streaming platforms like YouTube, Facebook and many others.

An example of a player who can win crores of rupees from this game is Tyler ‘Ninja’ Blevins. He took advantage of the YouTube platform to become a YouTuber streamer of the game Fortnite.

6. Mobile Legends: Bang Bang

Mobile Legends

If you have talked about this game, surely you are very excited. Also, this game has a large player base for local gamers. It can be said that Game Mobile Legends: Bang Bang is one of the most popular games to date.

In order to make money from this game, you also have to be smart to see opportunities like the discussion above. Where you can use social media platforms to become a streamer, or open jockey push sorting services, etc. If you feel worthy as a professional player, you can participate in various tournaments with your team.

7. Free fire

Free Shot

Do you want to try a battle royale game with good and animated graphics? Then it’s time for you to try the Free Fire game. This game is currently booming among the public, especially among young children. On the other hand, apart from having a happy feeling while playing the game, you can also earn money by becoming a streamer to get donations through Twitch, Patreon, etc.

Not only does it open up business opportunities for you, but you also manage to attract many people to watch your videos. It can open up new opportunities for business people to endorse your products. In addition, you can also open jockey services to other players.

8. Glory of the market

Market Glory

The next game that can open up opportunities to earn money is Market Glory. Where this game has various types of activities that you can try. The missions in this game are also very easy like fighting, working, doing business and many other things.

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Every time you successfully complete a mission, you will get a reward in the form of virtual money that you can then redeem through PayPal.

9. Arena of Valor

Arena Of Valor

Arena of Valor (AOV) is a Multiplayer Online Battle Arena game or MOBA for short, which is one of the toughest competitor of Mobile Legends game to date. This game can be a field of money for those of you who are really interested and want to follow it.

One of the business opportunities is to become a streamer, as well as open donations, open jockey services, become a diamond seller, participate in AOV tournaments.

10. Game Island King Game

Game Island King Game

The tenth game we recommend below is Game Island King Game. This game has become very popular due to its very interesting gameplay. Also, this game has been proven to pay with a bankroll balance.

Due to the interesting gameplay, it is clear that you will not easily get bored playing this game. You will be given the mission to go on an adventure and build a private island.

To reach a higher level of the game, you are required to actively play this game frequently. The higher your character level, the more coins you will get for King of Clans or King of Clans.

Game Island King Coins This game is divided into 2, namely ordinary coins and red coins. These coins are used to purchase various necessities in the game.

As for the red coins, you can use them as a means of exchanging balances or cash funds that can be transferred directly to your bank account.


Those are some lists of games to earn money that we recommend you to try. We will also update the latest game regularly every week in this article to add game references. So don’t forget to visit often. So you don’t miss the latest updates of various games to earn money.

We hope that the information we share can be useful to all of you. See you in the next article.

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