Here’s how to unsubscribe from VIU Premium

Here’s how to unsubscribe from VIU Premium
Here’s how to unsubscribe from VIU Premium

recode.ID – Do you want to unsubscribe from VIU Premium but still don’t know how? Please refer to the following editorial review for the steps and how to unsubscribe from VIU premium.

As we know, one of the services watching a video which is quite popular and widely used by smartphone users is the VIU service.

As additional information, VIU is an over-the-top video service operated by PCCW Media, a subsidiary of PCCW, which is the largest telecommunications company in Hong Kong.

This viewing platform first debuted in its hometown of Hong Kong, and later spread to various countries including Indonesia.

On this VIU platform, users can watch various interesting programs such as Asian drama series, especially korea dramapopular movies both locally and abroad, bollywood, anime variety shows and other entertainment news.

How to cancel VIU Premium

Here'S How To Unsubscribe From Viu Premium

In the VIU video viewing platform, there are two types of user categories, namely free users and the other is a type of subscribed user.

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For free users, you can see almost all the content on VIU, but you will be affected by the presence of ads that are quite annoying at times.

In the meantime, if you become a VIU Premium member, users will have access to all VIU platform content, including simultaneous transmission no commercial breaks.

Additionally, some of the perks and benefits of being a VIU premium member include:

  • You can enjoy all content with HD picture quality
  • Issued the same day as the country of origin (simultaneous transmission)*
  • Indonesian subtitles available (24 hours after broadcast) and English
  • You can download and watch favorite dramas online disconnected

But sometimes, for various reasons, there are users who finally decide to stop subscribing to the contents of this VIU platform.

If you are one of the users who wants to unsubscribe but don’t know how, check out the full editor’s review below on how to unsubscribe from VIU premium.

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1. For Android users

The first form that the editor will review is for users of devices based on the Android operating system.

If you want to unsubscribe from VIU premium, you can follow these steps:

  • Please enter the service google play store what’s on your cell phone
  • Then click on the Google account profile picture in the top right corner of your cell phone screen
  • Continue by clicking on the Payment and Subscription menu option
  • Then click again on the Subscriptions menu
  • Subsequently, information about the type of service to which you are subscribed will appear.
  • Then select the VIU Premium subscription
  • Later the more detailed information of your VIU Premium will appear, continue by clicking on the Cancel subscription button at the bottom
  • Next, you will be asked to indicate the reason for unsubscribing. Choose one of the available options
  • Finally, click Cancel Subscription
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2. For iOS users

Meanwhile, if you are a user of a device with iOS operating system or a user iPhone, If you wish to unsubscribe from VIU premium, you can do so in the following ways:

  • The first step, open the Settings menu and click on your account name
  • Next, click on the iTunes & App Store menu option
  • Then continue by selecting Apple ID, then see Apple ID
  • The next step, click and select Subscribe
  • Then select Viu premium from your subscription list
  • The last step, select and click the option to unsubscribe and confirm.

Thus information regarding various ways that can be done to unsubscribe from VIU premium.

Hopefully this information is useful and good luck.