Here’s how to view the 2022 UTBK score

Here’s how to view the 2022 UTBK score
Here’s how to view the 2022 UTBK score– In this discussion plate, we will give a small leak about How to view UTBK 2022 scores which you may not know much about.

If you want to know, then read on till the end of the discussion we provide below because according to us this is very important.

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How to view UTBK 2022 scores

Participants can access UTBK 2022 results on the announcement website: To make things easier, here’s how to download the certificate.

Participants can view UTBK scores or new certificates on Saturday, June 25, 2022, according to Chief Ltmpt Mochamad Ashari. On the official page of the LTMPT you can find out how to evaluate the UTBK 2022.

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Participants can download their certificate two days after the announcement. Ashari stated in a press conference via YouTube on Thursday June 23, 2022 that the certificate download window is from June 25 to July 31, 2022 at 15:00 WIB.

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How to view UTBK 2022 scores

  • Visit LTMP website.
  • Include your participant number and date of birth on the SBMPTN.

For today at 3:00 p.m. WIB, you can see the announcement of the SBMPTN 2022. How to check the scores or scores of the UTBK 2022 is a question that many participants also have.

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To find out how to check UTBK 2022 scores, please pay close attention to the explanations in this article. A total of 192,810 UTBK 2022 candidates passed the selection process and were accepted to state universities.

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Finally, the long-awaited day had arrived. Participants will find out whether or not they passed on Wednesday, June 23, 2022, when the LTMPT opens the SBMPTN 2022 announcement.

Participants should be interested to know how much UTBK 2022 score they received after hearing the announcement.

So how do you determine the value of the UTBK 2022? How can I know the scores of the UTBK 2022 participants?

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