History and How old is Vexana Mobile Legends (ML)?

History and How old is Vexana Mobile Legends (ML)?
History and How old is Vexana Mobile Legends (ML)?

Gemskul.com – How old is Vexana Mobile Legends? Vexana is definitely a hero that should not be forgotten, a mage hero who is not that popular in the meta yet, this hero has a very interesting story. Vexana’s ability to have abilities that can turn against other heroes, with this ability Vexana is often referred to as a Necromancer. It turns out that this hero also has a heartbreaking story.

In the story, Vexana is betrayed by the king and then falls into evil that causes the destruction of the kingdom where she lives. As it turned out, she was the Queen figure of the Necrokeep Palace. This can be seen from the tradition that she is the royal wife.

Although in the past Vexana Mobile Legends she is the figure of a good queen and cares about her people. Such is life there. The queen and her people have a peaceful life. This made her and her husband highly respected by the people there.

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The history of Vexana Mobile Legends (MLBB)?

History And How Old Is Vexana Mobile Legends (Ml)?

Of course you agree that Vexana is one of the Mobile Legends heroes who has a terrible face. So it’s only natural that the abilities he has are related to mystical things. However, who would have thought that Vexana was once a beautiful queen in a kingdom. For that you must know the history of Vexana in Mobile Legends. Her life as her queen was very peaceful even though she lived in a small country. The kingdom only prospered because the king was very concerned about the lives of his people.

But that soon changes when Alice arrives in the country because she was sent by the Dark Lord to goad the king. Alice, who has a beautiful body, managed to win the king’s heart and make him leave Vexana. Not only that, the King began to neglect the kingdom and his nature became greedy. Vexana looks for a way to recover the King who has fallen into Alicia’s hands.

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Various forms were made until finally Vexana made a deal with the Dark Lord to restore the beauty of her youth. The Dark Lord agreed to this on one condition. He had to make sacrifices to spread her magic. But unfortunately Vexan’s efforts were not enough to get the King back in her hands. Vexana is crazy and continues to victimize her citizens.

Over time, one by one people disappeared because they were sacrificed. Vexana no longer has offerings and her power is eating his soul completely. For her to become what she is today.

How old is Vexana Mobile Legends (MLBB)?

So, are you curious how old is the hero of Vexana in Mobile Legends? Regarding this, unfortunately Moonton as a developer did not mention the age of each of these heroes. However, we estimate his current age to be around 15-18 years old.

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Such is the review of history and how Age Vexana Mobile Legends?. It can be useful.