home interior ideas for budget renovations

home interior ideas for budget renovations
home interior ideas for budget renovations

business.usedcarsreviewss.comhome interior ideas for budget renovations. Friends who plan to renovate a house with a minimalist design and low budget?

It can really be said, because there are now many home interior ideas that make it easy for friends to choose a design before the renovation takes place.

It is important for friends to choose the right home interior design so that the renovation process goes according to the estimated budget at the beginning.

The reason is that not a few people do not have the correct interior references, so the renovation process also tends to take longer, without a concept, and the budget spent can increase.

Friends don’t want that to happen, do they? This is why one of the easiest ways to renovate a budget home is to choose a minimalist yet comfortable home interior design.

Home Interior Recommendations for Low-Budget Renovations
There are several interior recommendations that are suitable for small houses so that renovations do not consume a lot of funds, including:

Room without screen

Friends can make room at home without partitions. The interior of a house like this makes the impression of the room become more spacious because there is no partition that limits one room with another. If you use the wall as a partition, it will definitely make the room narrower.

Tips: Compared to blocking the living room and family rooms with a wall, friends can distinguish the function of the space by using a different color rug. If you still want to be secluded, use a small bookcase or decorative shelf to differentiate between living and family rooms.

Interior of the living room and family room

The best solution when there is limited space in the house is to turn a room into a multifunctional room. Well, the simplest thing is to unite the living room with the family room.

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Tip: Choose a sofa that is comfortable for guests and family. Add a TV in the bedroom so it can be used as a relaxation spot for family members. Home interiors like this one can evoke 1 room to make it more multifunctional and minimalist. Dare to try?

Living room reform with elongated design

The average living room in the home is made with a spacious layout. In fact, if you do it with an elongated design, the entire area can work more efficiently. The interior design of this house gives the impression of a more minimalist living room and does not take up much space in the room.

Tip: When there is a sofa and an additional chair in the living room, you should not place the chair next to the sofa, but place it in front of the sofa providing a suitable distance. Well, on the side of the sofa you can place other useful elements or furniture, such as a small bookcase. In that way, the living room becomes more minimalist.

Reduce the use of bright colors

It turns out that using bold colors in the interior of the house can make the residence feel more crowded, you know friend. For this reason, the choice of color is one of the keys to making the room of the house seem more spacious.

Tips: Avoid choosing flashy colors and clashing colors. You should choose neutral colors, such as black, white, and gray. Monochromatic colors are capable of giving the illusion or impression of a room to be larger and cleaner.

living room without sofa

The more furniture there is in the interior of the house, the more cramped your house will look, right? For this reason, avoid using too much furniture. In addition to saving costs, the use of minimal furniture also makes the room more spacious.

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Tip: Instead of buying a sofa to use in the living room, you should just use a smooth, soft rug plus pillows. That way, the family room will remain comfortable when used for watching or relaxing.

Take advantage of the space under the stairs

Do you want a minimalist home interior, but still provide a sense of comfort? Make sure each room in the house has its own clearly defined function. Avoid crowding things in one area because it will make it look cramped.

Tip: If you have free space, like under the stairs, instead of turning it into a storage place for used items or cardboard, turn it into a green space in your home. Friends can keep small plants to make the house more comfortable and beautiful.

Use of transparent glass.

Well, this home interior idea is a favorite of many people you know. The use of transparent glass makes your home look more spacious, minimalist and of course aesthetic.

Tips: If there is a partition behind the kitchen, it is better to renovate a transparent glass that serves as a minimalist partition. In addition to making the kitchen area look clean, clear glass also makes your living space uncluttered.

Turn the dining room table into a mini bar

When renovating your home, you may be tempted to use the dining table in the kitchen. However, the use of a dining table can make the room more cramped.

Tip: Instead of using a dining table, try choosing a mini bar as a minimalist home interior solution. When cooking, the mini bar is used to prepare ingredients. After the meal is over, the mini bar can also be used for family dining. More efficient and practical, right?

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Use a mirror that sticks to the wall

A no less interesting interior design idea is the use of a mirror attached to the wall. With the presence of a mirror, the room will look more spacious.

Tip: adjust the use of mirrors with the design of the room to make it more harmonious. Perhaps you can use a thin, frameless mirror for a more minimalist look.

Multifunctional table use

Definitely, every home needs a table, whether it’s in the living room, the family, the kitchen or the bedroom. Well, to make the interior of the house more minimalist, you can use a multifunctional table.

Tips: Friends can choose a folding table that works for various things. This multifunctional folding table makes it easy for friends to study, eat in the family room, etc.

Minimalist home interior style

There are several minimalist home interior styles that you can choose from when renovating your home, including:


Japandi is a home interior style that combines Japanese and Scandinavian concepts. The hallmark of this interior style is that the furnishings are clearly aligned and functional, using natural materials as well as subdued colors and motifs. This combination gives the impression of an elegant and essential home interior.


As its name indicates, the interior style of this house carries the concept of combining Scandinavian and industrial styles that features minimalist design, neutral and monochrome colors. The interior style of this house uses natural furniture, such as wood with a distinctive industrial design.


Monochrome is a home interior style that is easy to apply because it uses minimalist furniture with neutral color options such as white, gray and black.