How to activate Office 2013 permanently active forever [100% Work]

How to activate Office 2013 permanently active forever [100% Work]
How to activate Office 2013 permanently active forever [100% Work]

For those of you who are having problems every time you open Microsoft Office, you are asked to enter an Office activation code and you are using Microsoft Office 2013 here we will discuss how to resolve this issue.

Or if you’re confused, just say so. product key this requires you to enter a code before you have to buy with a nominal amount of money, but to solve this problem you don’t have to product key Just see how in this article.

Microsoft office is a data processing software in which there are several types like the ones we usually use, such as word, excel, power point, etc.

Prepare for Office activation

Preparations must be made to start office activation, one of which is to disable security or protection on your laptop/computer for the method we will explain to you to work smoothly.

windows defender It is a security system that is in your windows, this security system is the factory default when you install the operating system.

there’s also software an addition whose function is almost the same as windows defender and most of you must be using software this as an example Smadav.

Disable Windows Defender

Because here I am using Windows 10, I will tell you how to turn it off windows defenderits:

  • Open the settings menu on your Windows 10 by selecting “home>settings“.
Office 2013 Start Menu Activation
  • Then select “Update and security“.
Pilih Updates And Security
  • and select “windows security“.
Select Windows Security
  • you click againVirus protection and treatments“.
Choose Virus Protection And Treatment
  • You enter the section”admin settings” in “Virus protection and treatments“.
Manage Settings Pada Virus&Treat Protec
  • If you just disable all settings in this section without exception to grant full permissions.
Then They All Turn Off

Note: if you don’t know the menu”beginning“It’s the bottom left menu that you normally use to shut down your laptop/computer.

Deactivate Smadav software

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Here because I use Smadav as additional protection, I will explain how to turn off Smadav because if you have turned it off windows defender but there is still software like Smadav or similar so you will not be able to activate office.

Smadav is additional software used to protect your laptop/computer from attacks virus or delete virus that have already attacked your laptop/computer.

Alright, this is how you turn off your Smadav:

  • opens”Smadav“First.
  • Then select the menu “To protect“.
Select Protect
  • There is an inscription “disabled“You click and you have turned off Smadav.
Turn Off Disabled

Note: If you have antivirus software like Smadav, you can disable it first so it doesn’t interfere with the Office 2013 activation process.

How to activate Office 2013 Permanent Offfile

This method is the official way to get office permanent activation i.e. buying through Microsoft official website, but you need to spend at least Rs 1,500,000 to get it. product key microsoft official.

Or you can buy it from a computer store, they usually offer a cheaper price and provide services to install it on your laptop/computer for you to use only.

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My own experience of always”peddlers“In a computer store, you only need to pay Rp. 1,300,000 and you can already use Microsoft Office 2013, but this method is quite complicated, it requires money and time to visit a computer store in your city, there are other ways, as explained below.

Note: this price is the minimum price, there is Microsoft Office 2013 Professional at a price of Rp 4,900,000

How to activate Office 2013 without software

By using “cmd“You have been able to activate Windows 2013, just by writing a certain script and then you can do the activation yourself at home.

For the script itself, I have done it and you can download it “HERE”.

The way to activate it using CMD is that you follow the following steps:

  • Open Microsoft Excel and select “file>account“.
Office 2013 Excel Activation
Account Files
  • If so, you know that your office has not been activated as shown below.
I Haven'T Activated Office
  • Simply open the file you downloaded above and then select “save as“.
Save As
  • You change the file type with the format “.cmd” and also change the encoding to “ANSI” and then save.
Office Encryption Activation
  • Then when you right click on the file select “Execute as an administrator“.
Execute As An Administrator
  • And wait for a while until the process is completed about 5 minutes and then press “FINAL” or finish on your keyboard.
Wait A While
  • You can check as above and now your Office 2013 has been activated.
Already Activated

How to activate Office with KMSAuto Net

KMSAuto Net is a portable tool that is useful for activating Office or Windows without having to buy product key Officially, you can first download KMSAuto Net which I have prepared “HERE”.

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Then, you will see how I explain it to you below:

  • First open Microsoft Word 2013 on your laptop/computer, select “file>account“.
Word Account File
  • Then you will know that your office has not been activated.
I Haven'T Activated Office 2013
  • Immediately, if you have downloaded the above file and it has been extracted, right click on “KMSAuto Net” and select “Execute as an administrator“.
Run As Administrator Office 2013 Activation
  • Then you select “Activation“.
Select Office 2013 Activation
  • Then you selectOffice Activated“.
Office 2013 Activation
  • Then wait until the process is complete.
Wait For Activation To Complete
  • If a message like this appears, you are “close” single.
Office 2013 Activation Select Close
  • You can check as before and now your office has been activated.
Have Word Activated

Note: using KMSAuto Net you can also activate windows, the method is almost the same as diatan but the difference is that you choose “windows activation”

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Those were some of the ways you can use to activate Office 2013 to be permanently active, hope this article can help you, good luck, thanks.