How to change Indonesian game Genshin Impact

How to change Indonesian game Genshin Impact
How to change Indonesian game Genshin Impact

Tekno.debgameku – How to change Indonesian game Genshin Impact – It should be noted that this game is not just about fighting, but also contains a lot of conversation. While one of the keys to playing this game is to understand the language used.

One way to understand the language used in the Genshin Impact game is to change the language setting in this game to Indonesian. This will make it easier to understand the meaning of the conversation.

To know more details just refer to the following review How to Change Genshin Impact of Indonesian Game.

How to change Indonesian game Genshin Impact

How To Change Indonesian Genshin Game
How to change Indonesian game Genshin Impact 2

Although there is an Indonesian language setting, there is nothing wrong with trying to use English to practice a foreign language. It’s great to be able to learn while playing. Well, this is how you can change the language in this game, namely:

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  • Install the Genshin Impact app. If you haven’t downloaded it yet, please search for download on the Google Play Store first, and then install it on the device.
  • If so, please run this game by signing in the account first according to the character to be played.
  • When you have entered the game, select the icon Paimon which is in the upper left corner.
  • Next, select the icon with the gear image to access the settings menu.
  • Then select Idiom, and you can start changing the language that is already available.
  • If you want to switch to Indonesian, you can select Indonesian by clicking on the language.
  • Automatically, the language of the interface or menu that originally used English changed to Indonesian
  • You can also change the conversation between characters to Indonesian. How to choose Voice – Over – Language.
  • The process is complete, the language of the Genshin Impact game on Android has been changed to Indonesian
  • If you want to play using a PC, you can press the ESCAPE button without having to press the Paimon menu.

The above method can also be applied if you play Genshin Impact game on your PC/Laptop. The difference is that you can only select the button Get away on the keyboard, without having to click on the Paimon icon.

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Well that’s the discussion on how to change Indonesian Genshin Impact game, good luck.

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