How to change the background of the sky in CapCut Android or iOS

How to change the background of the sky in CapCut Android or iOS
How to change the background of the sky in CapCut Android or iOS

How to easily change the background of the sky in the CapCut app for Android or iOS for iPhone. Edit the sky background in your video to make it interesting, can you?

Come on, check out the next review, friends of Nambanation. It’s been going viral for some time, on social media platforms, especially TikTok, over videos that use moving clouds in the background.

Because it’s pretty trendy, as a result, a lot of content creators do it too.

Maybe you also often come across aesthetic videos with moving clouds that you see on the home page.

Not a few of you may be curious and want to do it too, but still can’t and don’t know what it takes.

Creating content or editing videos is fun. Also, for now, video content is king of content.

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From YouTube, Facebook, Instagram to TikTok, they all have short video content on their platforms.

Just like the title above, how do you change the cloud or sky video background in your video?

Well, the trick is to use CapCut video editing app. What is Capcut? CapCut is a video editing app, similar to other Android apps developed by the same developer as TikTok.

So this CapCut app complements the basic editing features in the TikTok app.

So is it possible to change the video background to an aesthetic cloud?

How to change sky background in CapCut videos? Note: Before proceeding with the tutorial, make sure you have prepared the materials, such as the video of the sky and also the video where the sky will be replaced.

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Open your CapCut app, tap the plus icon to create a new video project.

Insert the sky video that will be created to replace the sky in the main video. Then tap add to add to the editing project.

Select the Overlay menu in the bottom menu row, then tap Add Overlay.

Select the main video and tap the Add button to add it to the editing worksheet.

Fit to the screen size of the previous video, and then select the Chroma Key menu on the bottom row of the menu.

Use the color picker menu and select the color of the sky that is in the main video.

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Then tap on the Intensity menu and slide the slider to carefully remove the sky in the main video or the second video.

If you feel neat, you can tap the upload button and wait for the export process or video saving to your smartphone gallery.

How, pretty easy, right? You can try practicing right away so you don’t miss out on what’s going viral.

That’s it for the article on how to change sky background in Android videos, I hope it is useful and gives information to all of you.

That is How to Change Sky Background in CapCut Android or iOS iPhone, if you have any questions just let us know in the comment section.