How to change your name or username in the Telegram application

How to change your name or username in the Telegram application
How to change your name or username in the Telegram application

How to change your name or username in the Telegram application – Telegram app is expected to be a replacement for WhatsApp app.

However, many people do not know or there are still few people who know about this Telegram application.

And also the new users of the Telegram app do not understand the features of this app. Including how to change the name or username in this Telegram application.

The features provided by the Telegram app are actually not very different from the WhatsApp app.

Many new Telegram app users don’t like the name or username. And to change the username, I don’t know how.

However, in this review I will tell you how to change your name or username in the Telegram app. So take a look at the explanation I gave below.

Before telling you what are the steps to change the name or user in the Telegram application. It would be nice for us to know about this app.

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Get to know the Telegram application

Telegram App

Before, follow the steps on how to change your name or username in the Telegram application.

In this article I want to invite you to learn more about this Telegram application.

Surely many of you do not know what the Telegram application is. So the Telegram application is an application for chatting or sending messages in the form of text, videos and even documents.

The Telegram app is equipped with end-to-end encryption features in the app.

then encrypt end to end What’s that? encryption end to end is a technology that is capable of securing text, image, sound or video messages where only the recipient can access the message.

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So in this Telegram app, you don’t need to worry because this app already has an encryption feature. end to end before, so that security and privacy are guaranteed.

This Telegram app was created by two brothers namely Nikolai and Pavel Durov in 2014.

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Features of the Telegram app

Telegram Setting

Some of the features found in the Telegram app that people rarely know about:


In this feature, the Telegram app has a channel feature. The Channel feature in the Telegram app is a place where someone can send the desired message to their followers.


The next feature is the Bot. A bot is just an account on Telegram that is already operated by software that already has AI features.

You can use this Telegram Bot as you like. Typically, people who use this feature to perform a search, a reminder, etc.

secret talk

secret talk is a secret chat function provided by Telegram to ensure that the privacy and security of communication between users is more secure.

Feature secret talk uses technology customer to customer with the MTProto security protocol.

with technology customer to customer communication between users will not be stored on Telegram cloud servers.

telegram groups

Just like other chat app features. Telegram app can also create groups, but the difference is that in Whatsapp app, the maximum number of group members is only 256 people.

Unlike Telegram, in this Telegram app you can host up to 200 thousand members.

That is what I give everyone regarding Telegram app and its features which are mostly different from other chat apps.

So if I already have a Telegram account, but I don’t like my name or username. Can the name or username be changed?

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The answer is yes. You can change your name or username on Telegram.

Steps on how to change the name or username in the Telegram application

How To Change Telegram Username

Here is the information that I gave to all of you regarding the steps on how to change your name or username in the Telegram app. Take a look at the following reviews.

Open the Telegram app

The first basic thing you need to do to change your name or username in the Telegram app is to open your Telegram app.

If you don’t have this app, you can download and install it first.

To download this app, you can find it on Playstore for Android users and Appstore for iOS users.

Select options “Arrangement

If you already have a Telegram account and have opened the application. Then the Telegram app home screen will automatically appear on your screen. Then you click the left menu button on the Telegram app.

If you clicked the left menu button, scroll down and find the “Settings” option and then select that option.

Select options “Username” either “Username

If you have clicked or tapped on the “settings” option, the next step is to select the “Username“or in Indonesian”Username“.

Enter new username

If you have selected the option “Username” either “Username“You are then prompted to enter your new username.

Click on the checklist logo

If you entered your new username, click or tap the checkmark logo to save your new username. The check mark logo is on the right.

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Select Edit Name

If you have already changed your username, then if you want to change the Telegram name. You can press the radio button and then select the option “edit name“.

If you have entered your new telegram name. Then select the check button on the right.


If you have pressed the check button. You are done changing your username and username on your Telegram app.

You can change your Telegram username and name whenever you want.

Not only that, this Telegram app has the advantage of a tablet.

Advantages of the Telegram application


Although there are many functions provided by the Telegram application. This app is considered quite light because Telegram has a simple appearance.

More protected privacy

Telegram has a more privacy guarded feature when it comes to sending messages.

Because there is a feature called encryption end to end, Telegram also offers functions secret talk.

Has cloud services

The Telegram application has its own service with a capacity of 1.5 GB. So users don’t have to worry about saving videos, photos and documents.

Multiple numbers can be used at the same time

In this Telegram app, users can use and use more than one number or at the same time.

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the last word

The conclusion of this review is that this Telegram app is a useful app in today’s age. There are also many features that only the Telegram app has.

Thank you for watching the review I gave on How to Change Your Name or Username on Telegram App. See you in the next review.