How to check BRI account is active or not online Easy

How to check BRI account is active or not online Easy
How to check BRI account is active or not online Easy

How to check whether the BRI account is active or not apparently very easy, but if you have been in business for a long time without using banking services, then there is a possibility that the account will not be activated.

However, if you don’t believe it, you can take steps to verify an active or perhaps offline bri account easily. Every account opening certainly has an active limit for a BRI account that when you have exceeded the optimal limit.

Like the britama type ATM card, it can become passive after reaching 540 + one day and the mechanism will automatically close it at 541 + one day. Such a state can be called an active period atm bri without equilibrium.

With some arguments, sometimes we want to know the steps to check if a BRI Account is Active or Not, either our own account or someone else’s. To find out if the account is active or not is quite easy, with the correct processes of course.

Bank BRI is one of the most popular state banks in Indonesia. This is because Bank BRI provides services for middle and lower class citizens and most Indonesians tend to choose this Bank BRI to meet various types of needs.

Also, Bank BRI is located in every corner of Indonesia, so it is really easy to find. In addition, Banco BRI provides service facilities to make it easier for some of its clients to carry out commercial transactions, such as Internet Banking, BRI Mobile Banking, ATMs and others.

Bank BRI has a variety of account product options for customers such as Simpedes, BritAma, BritAma June and Simpedes TKI accounts. However, if you already have a BRI account, there is something you need to pay attention to, that is, always make sure to use the service because if it is not used for a long time, it may cause the account to be deactivated by the bank faction.

For BRI customers who haven’t used their account for business transactions for a long time, of course they want to know if the account is active or maybe not before using it for business transactions again. Well, for BRI customers experiencing this, you can read the following discussion to find out how to check if your BRI account is still active or not.

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How To Check Bri Account Is Active Or Not Online Easy
How to check BRI account is active or not online Easy

Steps to check if the BRI account is still active or not

There are three steps that can be taken to check if a BRI account is still active or not. This method can be done through the BRI Call Center, BRI ATM or it can be done by going directly to the nearest BRI branch. For those who want to know why, you can read some of the ways that wants to explain, the same as shown below.

1. Steps to check if BRI account is active or not via BRI call center

The first step is to check if your BRI account is still active or it may not be possible to do so through the BRI Call Center. This step is actually very easy to implement because you don’t need to go to the nearest BRI branch to check it.

But before doing this step, make sure you have enough credit to make calls. If it has been confirmed that you have sufficient credit, you can follow the steps below.

-First, open the cell phone and specify the Phone program.
-Then make a call to the BRI Services Consumer by writing to the number 14017 or 1500017.
-Then wait until you contact the Consumer Service officer.
-Then follow the instructions regarding the service options and then specify the account status information.
-Then give it to the Consumer Service officer if you want to check if your BRI account is still active or not.
-Usually the officer will ask you for an ATM card number or account number to perform the verification process.
-Then just wait until the officer finishes reviewing the account.
-When finished, the officer will give the client information in a clear and more detailed way.
-If it is already clear, you can end the call and hang up the phone.

2. Check steps other than through BRI ATMs

The next step is to go through the ATM to check if the BRI account is still active or not. In addition to making it easier for some customers to conduct various types of business transactions, it appears that ATMs can also be used to check whether or not BRI accounts are still active.

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For those who want to use this step to check if their BRI account is still active or not, you can read some of the steps below.

-First, visit the nearest BRI ATM.
-Insert the ATM card in the place that has been prepared and specify the language.
-Then enter the correct BRI ATM PIN number.
-Then try to make commercial transactions.
-If the business transaction is declined, it means that the BRI account is not active.
-After knowing that the account is inactive, just press the “Cancel” button to withdraw the card from the ATM.

3. Steps to check active BRI account or not through nearest BRI branch

If you do not want to go through the above steps to check if your BRI account is still active or not, there is another step, that is, go directly to the nearest BRI branch. This step is actually the most efficient step because it can be face to face with the Consumer Service officer.

But before you do this step, be sure to prepare several documents, such as an ID card, a savings book, and a BRI ATM card. When the document has been prepared, you can follow the steps below.

-Visit the nearest BRI branch and bring some of the documents mentioned above.
-Also, ask the security guard about the customer’s interests and you will usually be asked to take a line number in the CS (Consumer Service) section.
-Then just wait until you get a replacement call.
-If you have been invited, please visit the CS officer and give it to the officer if you want to check if your BRI account is still active or not.
-To process the verification, generally the CS officer will request several documents that have been initially prepared.
-If you have delivered the document, then the CS officer will process it and wait until it is finished.
-After the verification process is over, the officer will clearly provide information about the BRI account.
-If the client is clear with the information provided by the CS officer, it means that the verification process with this step has been done successfully and the client can leave the BRI branch.

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Also read:

Important Issues Related to BRI ATM Status Verification

When you review your BRI account, it’s still active or maybe you’re not sure you know some of the other main points.

In addition to anticipating, how to know not to get so confused and know directions, especially when visiting the office.

BRI account activation

BRI accounts that have died or may be inactive should definitely be exchanged for new ones.

And, with a passive status, which means there is still a balance for monthly maintenance.

Because it can be reactivated without making changes.

Passive activation of the account can only be done at the branch or parent company by meeting with the customer support faction.

Be sure to bring documents such as ID cards, ATM cards, and original savings books.

BRI account activation fee

If your BRI account is dead, you need to open a new one. The process is the same as opening the number for the first time.

Of course, there will be a fee for making and providing cards. In addition, you are also obliged to make the first top-up as a balance.

The amount depends on the type of savings that is decided. So, prepare some cash in the form of cash to complete this stage.

The step to test the status of a BRI account is really easy, it can even be done without leaving home, that is, through the call center. Choose a system that suits your strength and will because they are all equally short and fast.

As soon as the article about steps to verify BRI account is still active or maybe not with 3 systems. Choose according to your wishes so that you can get information as quickly as possible and get the job done together.


Those are workable ways to check The BRI account is still active or maybe not. Out of the various methods mentioned above, customers can choose the easiest way, which is to use an online method so they don’t have to come to the office and wait in line.

However, if customers are confused about being online, they can go directly to the BRI branch to check. Good luck and I hope it’s useful regards team.