How to Check Forgotten and Inactive Smartfren Numbers Yourself –

How to Check Forgotten and Inactive Smartfren Numbers Yourself –
How to Check Forgotten and Inactive Smartfren Numbers Yourself –

How to verify Smartfren number: When you want to buy Smartfren credit, you need to know Smartfren phone number. But what if it turns out that you forgot your own phone number? Don’t panic, because there are many ways to verify your Smartfren number that you can do.

Well, as usual, I will provide information that is very useful for you, especially for smartphone users. On this occasion, I will share information about various easy ways to check Smartfren numbers. Hey, those who forget their own Smartfren number, you can follow some easy ways which will be explained in this article, guys.

So, for those of you who are looking for information on how to check Smartfren number 2021, how to check Smartfren number 2021, etc, go ahead and pay close attention to the following reviews guys!

How to verify smartphone number

Forgetting is a human thing. Surely everyone in this world has forgotten something, including their own phone number. Well, for those of you who really forgot your Smartfren number, there are several ways to do it. Right off the bat, here are some easy ways to check Smartfren numbers.

Check smartphone number with dial-up

The easiest way is to use dial-up access. This method is suitable for those of you who do not have an Internet connection, guys. For the steps, you can follow the method below.

  • First, open the dial pad on your phone
  • If you are already on the phone card, just type the USSD code *995#, then click Call
  • Wait a moment until the phone screen gives the result.
  • Well, after waiting, there will be information on the smartphone screen regarding your Smartfren number
  • Now you know your smartphone number
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In addition to the USSD code *995#, there are other UUSD codes that can be used to verify Smartfren numbers. The code is *123#. For more details on the use of this phone number, you can refer to the following method.

  • First, of course, you can open the phone board on your smartphone or cell phone, then type *123#, select Call
  • Select the number that says ‘Your Information’
  • Then select another number that says ‘Check Credit’
  • Wait a moment until the information is given.
  • Later the information will be visible on the smartphone screen
  • This information contains information about your Smartfren card, including your phone number, as well as the remaining balance you have
  • Tuesday, you already know your Smartfren number.

How to verify smartphone number via SMS

How to check the second Smartfren number you can use is to use SMS. Take it easy, this method can be done for free, also known as it can be done when you don’t have a penny of credit. Well to know how to do it you can follow the below steps guys.

  • The first step, enter the message menu on your cell phone
  • Then enter a short message in the INFO format
  • After that just send the SMS to 995
  • Wait for an SMS response from Smartfren
  • Subsequently, Smartfren will send SMS in the form of information about your Smartfren card, including information about your current Smartfren phone number.
  • Done, you now know your Smartfren phone number.

Check the smartphone number with the carrier service

The next way you can use to verify your Smartfren number is with the carrier services. But this method can be a tricky method, because CS Smartfren will ask you several questions, including asking you to provide your PIN.

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This is done as proof that you are indeed the person who has the number. Well, if you are really interested in using this method, you can call 995 or 500.

This operator service will attend for 24 hours, facilitating contact at any time. Don’t forget to register your Smartfren number provided by CS Smartfren.

Check Smartfren number with MySmartfren app

Do you use the MySmartfren app? If so, you can easily check the information about your Smartfren number. But this method is done online or when you are connected to an internet connection, yes guys. For a very easy way, just follow the steps below.

  • Open the MySmartfren app that is already installed on your smartphone
  • Now, on the main page, there will be information about your Smartfren number, and even the rest of your sleep and internet quota for your Smartfren card.
  • Done, how easy is it to check using this app?

If you are a Smartfren customer, then there is nothing wrong with using this app. You can search MySmartfren app on play store guys.

Check Smartfren number by making a call

The next way is that you can find out your Smartfren number by making a call. Well, you can make calls to the numbers of your friends or family. You can miss the call, guys. But make sure you have enough credit, okay?

For the method, all you have to do is call the phone number of your friends or family in your cell phone contacts. Then ask your friends to take notes and provide you with information about the phone number displayed on the smartphone screen. Done, you know your Smartfren number.

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After making a call, you can also check the Smartfren number by sending an SMS to your friends in your contacts using the Smartfren number. But again, this method does legumes, yes. To do this, simply send any SMS to your friend using the Smartfren forgotten number, then ask your friend to take notes and provide you with the phone number information. Done.

How does this include keeping it easy, guys?

Verify Smartfren number with WhatsApp

This method is useful for those who use the Smartfren number to create their WhatsApp or WA account. You can simply follow the below steps to find out the Smartfren number using the help of WA app.

  • The first step, you can just enter your WA app on your smartphone
  • If you’re logged in, select the three dots at the top right of the WA home page
  • There will be several options to choose from. Then you can select the Settings option
  • After that you will be taken to the next page, on this page you can select your profile with your WA profile picture
  • On the Profile page, it will contain information about the owner’s WA account, including phone number information.
  • Now you know your Smartfren number

Those are some ways to verify your Smartfren number that you can do. Which path do you think is the easiest, guys?