How to check Halo postpaid card bills and payment methods

How to check Halo postpaid card bills and payment methods
How to check Halo postpaid card bills and payment methods

Hello friends of gaptek.. On this occasion we will share information about How to Check the Latest Bills of the Halo Card which we will explain in the following article.

Kartu Halo is specifically for high priority users who have another way to use their communication tools without having to buy packs over and over again.

where the payment system or the use of this card is postpaid, such as electricity pln,

If you are a kartuHalo user, it is very important to know how to check your card bill so that it does not exceed the specified limit.

How to Check Halo Postpaid Card Bills

How To Check Your Halo Card Bill

1. Through the MyTelkomsel app

An easy way to check your Halo card bill is to use the My Telkomsel app.

With the my telkomsel app, you will get more complete and detailed information about usage and how much the customer is charging.

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Just download the my telkomsel app and sign in or register, then after you sign in you will see the details of all your greeting cards.

2. Via the Telkomsel website

In addition to using the my telkomsel app, you can also check your hello card bill through the official telkomsel website.

There is also something that is almost the same as the app, you will find and view detailed information of your greeting card.

And to access it, you just need to visit the official website at, then log in.

3. Through the Call Center

You can also check your Halo card bill using it by contacting the Telkomsel call center on 188.

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after you call, you will be given a choice of information you know, press 1 to continue, then select 2 for bill information, and press 1 for usage information.

4. Through CS on social networks

You can also check your bill on social networks like on Facebook and you can simply chat through messenger on your FB. As follows:

  • Visit the official Telkomsel social networks
  • chat and go hi
  • then write check billing hello card
  • Enter your number and select the use

How to Pay Halo Card Bills

1. Pay through ATM

You can do it easily through the nearest ATM or with m banking just like you do with cash withdrawals.

  • Enter your ATM
  • Enter your PIN
  • Select the payment menu
  • Select mobile/phone
  • Enter number hello friend

2. Via MyTelkomsel

You can also pay it through my Telkomsel app by:

  • open the app
  • then select home
  • click view invoice
  • and click pay
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3. Via Alfamart / Indomart

You can also easily pay your bills through stores that offer online payments like Alfamart and Indomart.

You just have to come and say you want to pay your card bill hello

later my friend will be charged and my friend pays immediately and that’s it.

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So, our full review of How to Check Halo Card Bills that we have explained in this post, you can easily test it in the way that we explained above.

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