How to Compress PDF to Desired Size (HP, PC/Laptop)

How to Compress PDF to Desired Size (HP, PC/Laptop)
How to Compress PDF to Desired Size (HP, PC/Laptop)

We will discuss how to compress a pdf to your desired size in the article, considering that this method is really very necessary.

When we upload PDF files to certain websites, the size is generally required to be less than 100 KB, 200 KB, 300 KB, 500 KB or 1 MB, which means that the upload process can be faster and the storage in the site server does not fill up quickly.

This makes us have to adjust the size of the PDF file we have so that the size does not exceed the default limit. To reduce the capacity of a PDF file, the most efficient way is to compress it, either online using a site or using an offline PDF compression program.

To reduce the capacity of the PDF file according to the size you expect, you can use a cell phone or netbook. You can decide for yourself how big the size is expected according to your needs

How to Compress PDF to the Size You Want

Generally, to upload a pdf to a particular website the proper size is required. It is even recommended to use a size less than 100 KB or similar. Therefore, how to compress PDF to expected size can be done online or offline.

Compress as the most efficient way to reduce PDF size. In fact, if the size of the PDF is small, it makes the upload process faster and the storage on the server does not fill up quickly due to the number of files it contains.

Compress PDF with HP (Android)

The first way is to use the program that is on your Android phone or cell phone. This is usually done when it’s really important or if you prefer to use a cell phone instead of a netbook.

If you use this method, you can initially install the Android program through the Google Play Store to compress PDF files. Downloadable programs are iLovePDF – PDF Editor and Reader, Smallpdf – Convert, Compress PDF File, PDF Smaller and PDF Compressor.

For the trick, using the android program to compress a pdf to the desired size, you can follow the steps below.

  • Download and install one of the PDF compression programs mentioned above.
  • Do the program by opening it first.
  • Select your PDF file that you want to compress or reduce.
  • Select the compression system you want to use.
  • Click the button to start the compression process.
  • Wait until the program finishes the compression process of your PDF.
  • When you’re done, you can save the compressed PDF file to your cell phone.
  • Check first whether the compression process has produced the file capacity that suits your wishes or not.
  • If not, you can repeat the above method.
  • If so, your PDF file can be used according to your current needs.
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If you use the above compression program, it is free to use and can be downloaded via the Google Play Store. For the sizes, it really varies so you can match it to current needs.

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Compress PDF using PC/Laptop without app

Pdf Using Pc

For the first method, you can use your Netbook or PC so that the PDF can be compressed to the size you expect.

  • Open a browser on your netbook like Mozilla Firefox or Google Chrome.
  • Then go to online PDF compression site namely
  • Upload the file you want to compress by pressing the Choose Files button and then selecting the PDF file you want to compress.
  • Please wait until your file upload process is complete.
  • When done, there is a size option with 2 types of compression systems namely basic and strong which shows the approximate size of your compressed file.
  • Choose basic compression which is free or strong compression as a paid professional service.
  • Because the estimate itself becomes a reference regarding the expected compressed PDF size.
  • Then, when you are confident in the selection, press the Choose button to start the compression process.
  • Wait until the compression process is finished, usually it doesn’t take long, the lower the compression result, the faster the compression process.
  • Then download the zipped PDF file by pressing the download button. In addition to that, you can also save by importing files directly to Google Drive or Dropbox.
  • Please check again whether the capacity of the compressed file is adequate or not.

The compression process that has been done is very fast because it only takes less than 10 minutes, so the file will be created in a smaller size. Make sure your Internet access is smooth or constant so that it doesn’t hinder the process of compressing your files.

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For the above method, you can also do it in the browser of your Android cell phone by selecting a file that has been stored in the internal or external storage of your cell phone. The trick is the same following some of the steps above.

For some good online PDF compression site references, you can try:


With the references above, you can use whatever you want and you can compare websites against each other if you really use it.

Compress using PC/Laptop with application

Kompres Pdf Menggunakan Pc

For those of you who like to compress PDF files or even part of your homework because it may be faster to use a PC or Netbook program because its capabilities may be more numerous and effective. Even to make this compress you do not need the internet.

Currently available programs that can be used for free are Reduce PDF Size, Free PDF Compressor, Irfan View, Orpalis PDF Reducer, TalkHelper PDF Converter and Neuxpower PDF Compressor.

For now, several steps are shared, namely through the Reduce PDF Size program, namely:

  • Download and install Reduce PDF Size program on your netbook or PC, the application is quite light with size less than 8 MB.
  • After a successful download and installation, make the application by opening the program.
  • Enter the PDF file you want to compress.
  • The trick is to click the File menu Add PDF Files Specify the PDF file you want to compress.
  • You can have multiple files at once to shrink them using bulk compression to shrink multiple files at once.
  • Select the desired compression quality by clicking the Options menu, then specify the desired size with Standard Quality or Screen Display Only Quality.
  • You can then start the compression process by clicking the File menu Reduce PDF file size Determine the storage location for your compressed results on a netbook or PC.
  • Next, wait for the PDF reduction process to finish, and when it’s done, you’ll see how much it’s capable of compressing the PDF file.
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This program has its own advantages and disadvantages, the advantage is that it can compress many PDF files in a 1x process. However, PDF files that are too small cannot be recompressed.

Also, if you experience problems like Could not create smaller files for… because swapping systems or other quality is recommended. It could be because the compression system cannot be used on that file.

To compress this PDF requires precision and accuracy. It could be that if your PDF is too small then the file has low quality images. For example, files may look blurry or small text may not be visible.

Therefore, for compressed files, please make sure there are no problems before going through the process of changing the original pattern to PDF.

Reduce PDF size

Apart from compressing PDF files without a program using the first method right now, you can also use the program on Android phone.

Nowadays there are many free software to compress PDF on Playstore. If reducing PDF size is something you do most of the time, installing the program can make the task much easier.

Here’s how to reduce the size of a PDF on a cell phone using an Android program:

  • Download and install a PDF compression program
  • make the application
  • Specify the PDF file you want to reduce
  • Determine the expected compression system
  • Click on the Start symbol
  • Wait until the compression process is finished.
  • Send the compressed PDF file to HP
  • Check if the file capacity is according to your will
  • Ready-to-use PDF files

Some of the programs you can use include:

  • iLovePDF – PDF Editor and Reader (iLovePDF)
  • Smallpdf – Convert (Smallpdf)
  • Kompres PDF file (SmartApps38)
  • Smaller PDF (smart mobile app utility)
  • PDF Compressor (DL Infosoft)

All the above programs are on Playstore and you can install them for free. Please decide and try for yourself which one is the best and best according to your needs.

Online PDF Compression Site

Good online PDF compression sites include:


Test yourself among the above sites which one is the best and suits your needs.

Done, I hope it’s useful.