How to Create a Google Form (Questionnaire / Registration)

How to Create a Google Form (Questionnaire / Registration)
How to Create a Google Form (Questionnaire / Registration)

One method of collecting accurate, online data is to use Google Forms. Making a paper quiz of course costs a lot of money for students, but with the existence of a way to make a Google form, it is certainly very useful and hardly costs anything.

Nowadays, forms (whether for questionnaires or for registration) are no longer printed on paper and then distributed, the technology created by Google can already be used. By simply providing a google form link via social media, you can easily get fill data. For this reason, students have now switched from the old school quiz collection method to the online mode.

How to make a good google form is really easy, it’s just that some people are not yet tech-savvy (technologically) so it seems difficult. Actually, Google forms not only allow you to take online questionnaires, you can also take online registrations or surveys.

Google forms or online forms are a very useful tool to get data sets from client In addition to the samples, the data that the audience fills in will be entered into a Google spreadsheet (Google Online Excel), making it easy for you to sort the data again.

As someone who often do online registrations I review google form is very good that’s why we also provide this information through articles for friends to collect someone’s data but you need to follow the steps on how to do our google form below exactly does.

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There are many things you can do with Google Forms, such as registration, party invitations, contact, surveys, and much more. That’s why Google Forms really help a lot of people cut costs.

To make a Google Form, you don’t need to have any special specifications. You can also follow how to make a google form on a cell phone or even a computer, only we still recommend using a computer because it’s easier.

Next we want to give 2 tutorials on how to make a Google Form.

Oh yeah, before we start, follow these steps first for the first step.

  1. First log in to your account at
  2. Next, visit the Google form (here).
  3. Well, here you will be given several google form templates that you can use based on their functions.How To Make A Google Form - Google Form List Template
  4. Once you get started, you can create a Google Spreadsheet file for your Google Forms.

The above is how to make a google form with the first step, if it’s for a quiz or registration, see below.

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How to make a google form for quiz

  1. Sign in first and visit Google Forms.
  2. Select Empty if you want to start from scratch.
  3. Press the button “+” to add a question. (I can use multiple choiceeither short answer).

    How To Make A Google Form - Add Button
    add button

  4. You can create your own question types that other people want to ask.

How to make a google form for registration

  1. Login your email in gmail then open google form.
  2. Press the button “template gallery”Located in the upper right.
  3. Then many templates that have been provided will appear, please select “event log” in the Personal option.
  4. After that, you’ll be given a Google Form filled with the information, so you can create your own for your registration.

How to add a question

Asking a question in the Google form is certainly very easy.

  1. Press the plus button like in the example below.
  2. Then fill in some important fields as shown below
    (1) Question title.
    (2) Type of question (multiple choice or essay).
    (3) Question options (if you choose, you must fill in the answer).
    (4) The required field, which means whether this question needs to be completed or not, if it is required, please activate it by pressing the button.

    How To Create A Google Form - Questions

How to view data in google form

So if you have created a Google Form, how do we see the data that has been entered? input the?

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When you are in your google form, just press “Response“.

How To Make A Google Form - Answer

You can also create an email notification every time a user signs up or completes your quiz, how do you do that? too easy.

  • After pressing the Answer button, simply press the three-dot button as shown below.

    How To Make A Google Form - Email Notification
    email notification

  • After that, click the button “Receive email notifications for new answers“, then the button will be verified automatically.

    How To Make A Google Form - Email Notification Button
    Email notification button

How to share google form link

All the steps are almost complete, so how do we provide a link for other people to fill in their details?

  1. Press the button Send which is in the upper right corner.

    How To Make A Google Form - Share

  2. Select the “Link” like the image below.

    How To Create A Google Form - Google Form Link
    Link Google Form

  3. Before pressing the button “Copy“You better check first”shorten urlso that the link gets shorter and shorter.

    How To Make A Google Form: Short Url And Copy
    short url and copy

  4. Then spread the link for potential fillers.

Isn’t it easy to create this Google form? If you are facing issues or still confused, you can comment below or contact us.