How To Delete PUBG Mobile Account Latest Easy & Fast 2022

How To Delete PUBG Mobile Account Latest Easy & Fast 2022
How To Delete PUBG Mobile Account Latest Easy & Fast 2022

PUBG Mobile Online Game is one of the most played games today. This game is very popular among children, teenagers and even adults.

However, not a few are bored of playing this game online and finally want to delete PUBG Mobile game account from their smartphone. Finally, many people ask how to delete PUBG Mobile account. If you are one of those people looking for a way to delete PUBG Mobile account, then you are in the right place.

Actually, there are many reasons that make you want to delete your PUBG account. Maybe you want to create a new account, you are bored of playing PUBG game, or maybe you feel negative effects of playing this game online frequently.

In fact, it is felt that deleting a PUBG account is also a must. Why is that? because if we have played this game too often, it can make us dependent on playing PUBG online games. And that of course can bring us negative things.

For that, by deleting PUBG account on smartphone, there are various benefits that we can get guys. What are the benefits of deleting a PUBG Mobile account? see more reviews below.

Benefits of deleting PUBG Mobile account

Benefits Of Deleting Pubg Mobile Account

Before we discuss in more depth how to delete PUBG Mobile account. You must know what benefits you can get if you delete your PUBG account.

Below are the benefits that you will get if you delete your PUBG account from your smartphone. Please read the explanation carefully.

Avoid the social gap

The development of gadgets in this era is really very fast. Almost everyone in the entire world uses devices. One of the things they do with gadgets is play online games that are booming.

The habit of playing online games, one of which is PUBG game, can cause social inequality among humans. Because if we are already engrossed in games, we often forget and don’t care about our surroundings and become less sociable with others. Therefore, deleting a PUBG account can prevent social inequality in the society.

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Not addicted to playing online games

There have been many cases in the world due to online gaming addiction. Online gaming addiction is a very dangerous thing. It can even cause the player’s death.

With a gaming addiction, we have fun and only focus on the games we play. Until – until the worst is usually late to eat. Especially in children and adolescents, this is very risky to happen. Therefore, online game accounts like PUBG can be deleted to prevent this from happening.

Have a lot of friends

If we often spend our daily time just playing online games, this means that we spend less time with friends. We tend to worry about our own world. Looking at the phone or computer screen all the time.

It can prevent us from making friends in real life. By deleting PUBG game account, of course you will have more time to socialize with friends and make lots of friends in life. real Us.

I don’t waste

The important thing to have if you want to play online games is an Internet connection. Without an internet connection, it is impossible for you to play PUBG online games. If you play online games too often, you will also need more internet quota. Especially for those of you who don’t have a wifi connection.

This will make you waste the Internet fee and the money to buy the fee. Especially if you are still children or adolescents who have not been able to earn their own money. Of course, this can be a burden to your parents and they can also scold you if you behave outlandishly. For this reason, deleting a PUBG account is something that can be done to prevent waste.

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How to Delete PUBG Mobile Account Permanently and Easily

This is what you are looking for i.e. how to permanently delete PUBG Mobile account and it is also easy to do. The method below will of course work for you.

Be sure to listen to each of our instructions so that the process of deleting your PUBG Mobile account can run smoothly and easily. Here are the steps to permanently delete a PUBG account:

How To Delete Pubg Mobile Account Permanently And Easily
  • First, sign in to the PUBG Mobile app and the smartphone account you want to delete.
  • Then click on the menu “Settings” in the PUBG game lobby.
  • Then select the tab “Essential” available in the settings menu.
  • Then the options will appear “Sign off”.
  • Then select “Delete account”.
  • After that, make sure you don’t log in to an account you deleted for 7 days. if within 7 days you log in, then the account deletion process may fail.
  • Done.

How to delete PUBG mobile accounts associated with social networks

Well, usually when we start playing PUBG game online, we will be asked to link the game account to the social networks that we have, like Google Play Games or Facebook.

If you link your account to the social networks mentioned above, then the method required to delete a PUBG Mobile account is different from the above. How to delete a PUBG Mobile account associated with social networks? see below method carefully.

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How to delete PUBG mobile account associated with Facebook

If you link your game account to Facebook, the steps required to delete PUBG account are as follows:

How To Delete Pubg Mobile Account Associated With Facebook
  • First, “Sign in to Facebook account” which you use to link the PUBG account to be deleted.
  • After that, open the menu. “Arrangement”.
  • then click “Settings and Privacy”.
  • Next select menu “Apps and Websites”.
  • Select “logged in using facebook account”.
  • Then, a list of game apps that you have linked with Facebook will appear.
  • Find the PUBG Mobile game and click on it “Glad”.
  • Done.

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How to delete PUBG mobile accounts associated with Google Play Games

Also, if you link your game account to Google Play Games, the steps to delete your PUBG account are as follows:

How To Delete Pubg Mobile Accounts Associated With Google Play Games
  • First, open the menu. “Arrangement” google play games
  • Select a menu “Security”
  • Find and select options “Manage third party access”
  • Play in the app PUBG mobile
  • Choose an option “Remove Access”
  • Done.

Those are some ways you can use to delete a PUBG Mobile account. Make sure you really understand the steps that need to be followed so that the account deletion process can be completed quickly and successfully. Good luck.


You should know that if you delete all your PUBG game account data, then all your PUBG game account items will be lost as well. So, before you actually want to delete a PUBG game account, you need to think carefully about it first.

Hence, the discussion on how to delete PUBG mobile account from us. Hopefully this article can be useful for all of us. See you in our next article, thanks.

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