How to download movies from Telegram

How to download movies from Telegram
How to download movies from Telegram

Illegal movie download sites in Indonesia were almost completely eliminated by the government. It is very difficult to find illegal movies on the Internet nowadays. However, it turns out that connoisseurs of illegal movies have no way of obtaining a collection of old or new movies. One of them is to use the well-known Telegram application. Then how?

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Before we start downloading movies, let’s get familiar with the Telegram app. Telegram app is a chat app that also has several advantages over popular chat apps like Whatsapp. Here are some of the advantages why you might consider using Telegram in addition to downloading movies:

  1. Has cloud storage service
  2. You can choose to send original or compressed files
  3. Group member capacity up to 5,000 people!
  4. Have a secret chat feature
  5. You can enter multiple phone numbers at once
  6. You can upload multiple profile photos at once
  7. There is an automatic chat bot feature
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How to download movies from Telegram 3

With these various advantages, it is no surprise that Telegram is one of the most popular chat applications used all over the world. Now, just continue with how to download movies that are freely available on Telegram. Follow the steps below.

1. Download and install the Telegram app

The first step to download movies from Telegram is, of course, you need to install it first. For Android users, you can install it from the Playstore while iOS users can install it for free from the AppStore.

2. Account registration

The next step you have to create an account. The method is easy, almost the same as when you register a Whatsapp account. Complete the registration by entering the code sent by sms.

3. Find the appropriate channel

Next, to know how to download Telegram movies, you need to find the appropriate Telegram channel. This channel is the same as a WhatsApp group, only the number of participants is greater, it can be thousands or more. Now in the channel, there are various files that you are looking for, even the big ones, such as movies, e-books, or others.

Now, in order to find movie files or something else, you can search for the channel that suits you. Like for example an animated movie channel or something else. To find a suitable channel, you can visit the site and search for channels whose content matches your wishes.

On the site there will be a short link for the channel that you can click to enter the channel. However, the administrator will give you permission so that you can enter the channel.

4. After entering the channel that contains the file you want. So you just need to find the file in the existing chat. Remember, if the file is a movie file, the size can be very large, up to 1 GB or more. After that click download the file you want to download

5. After that, wait until the file download is complete. After the download is complete, you can immediately open the downloaded file and watch. But you can also move the downloaded file to a flash via OTG or to an external memory so that it does not overload the internal memory of your smartphone.

How? Not easy to download movies from Telegram? You can also try this method to search for other files, such as popular ones, which are channels for e-books. It’s just that often, because they often deal with copyright, Telegram can forcibly close or remove the channel.