How to Download Torrent Files Super Fast via Browser or IDM

How to Download Torrent Files Super Fast via Browser or IDM
How to Download Torrent Files Super Fast via Browser or IDM

How To Download Torrent Files Super Fast Via Browser Or Idm

Not most people download a file via torrent every day. Not because I don’t like it, but because it’s complicated in the download process. This is because torrent files can only be downloaded through special programs like BitTorrent either uTorrentthe alias cannot be done directly from the browser.

Basically, torrent files are very safe to use for transferring important files. This is because the system from peer to peerfor the device as host to upload the file to the download device.

However, on the internet, torrent files are seen as distributors of pirated files, and I think that’s about 70% true. This is because no file hosts accept pirated files uploaded on their platform, so they create their own torrent hosting servers and upload them there and then share them publicly.

Can torrent files be downloaded through the browser directly?

Of course you can, that’s what this article is for. So if you usually download a torrent file in a browser, it’s just a file with the format .torrent. But with the help of the service cloud downloaderof course it is no longer impossible to do.

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Meanwhile, there are several free cloud download services that I think have the best quality in their performance. If you want to know more, continue reading this article.

Using a free torrent download service

If you count, there are many torrent download services available on the Internet. But not all of them are free to use, that is, there are only a few. And one of the services I chose is sower.

Here’s how to use Seedr:

  1. Register an account on the website sower.

  2. then paste magnet link torrent in the provided column.

    Paste Link From Magent Torrent

  3. Then wait for the download process to complete.

    Download Process On Seedr

  4. If the download process is complete, click download icon in the File

    Download Torrent Files Via Browser

  5. And the download prompt will appear in the browser.

The conclusion is very easy, where Seedr is used as an intermediary to download torrent files to release the original files. And this is how a cloud downloader really works. In addition to the fast process, it is also more efficient than using a program like BitTorrent.

But also know that Seedr has a maximum storage limit 2GB for free accounts. So that the torrent file that you can download is less than 2GB in size so that it does not fail. Or if you need more storage than that, buy it premium package provided there.

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Download Torrent via IDM

Still using the same service, namely Seedr. Basically, if your browser has been integrated with IDM (Internet Download Manager), of course the download dialog will appear when you click the Download option on the file.

But if the dialog does not appear, you can press the option Copy download linkhere’s an example:

Download Torrent File Melalui Idm

After that, open the IDM program and click on the option Addthen paste the copied link in the column provided, then click the button okay. And the download dialog will appear in IDM.

Apart from Seedr, there are several other similar services, for example bit porthowever, free users only receive approx. 1GB single. And also know that the download process on such services also requires a high seed in the torrent file. Because if the seed is low, surely the download process will take a long time.

If you want to know more features on Seedr, just sign up on the website. And I myself have been using it for more than 3 years. Until now, the appearance of the site has not changed.

I hope it works for you and good luck