How to Easily Create Google Forms from Laptops and Cell Phones

How to Easily Create Google Forms from Laptops and Cell Phones
How to Easily Create Google Forms from Laptops and Cell Phones

How to Easily Create Google Forms from Laptops and Cell Phones – Google Form is a Google product that makes it easy to conduct surveys or research activities, by using Google Forms, work can be completed. Google does have technological innovations that facilitate human work. Creating a google form is not too difficult, you just need to have a google account to create it, if you don’t have a google account, sign up for a google account first. With Google Forms, you can use it to create timesheets, quizzes, or questions to share with others. If you already have a Google account, here’s how to easily create a Google Form that you can do with a laptop or smartphone, check it out.

Steps to make Google forms from a laptop

Making a google form from a laptop is not difficult, here are the steps to create a google form on a laptop.

  • Go to the link.
  • Click the blank “+”, then give the form a name.
  • You can then add questions and enter questions or change questions by clicking the arrow below if you want to add. questions click add question.
  • Answers can be selected according to multiple choice (multiple choices), checkbox (Checkboxes), etc.
  • Click the submit button when you’re done at the top right.
  • Submit the form can share the link.
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How to make google forms on hp

Here’s how to make a Google form on a cell phone as follows.

  • Open the browser on the smartphone
  • Type
  • Click the blank “+”, then give the form a name
  • Then you can add questions and enter questions, if you want to add, you can click the plus icon
  • Click submit when done and check as needed, then share the form, you can either click share or click copy link.

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To see more examples of Google Forms, you can first check some on the Internet for more references. This Google form can be an alternative to facilitate any job that requires asking questions or doing research.

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