How to Edit Photos on Tall Buildings (City Manipulation)

How to Edit Photos on Tall Buildings (City Manipulation)
How to Edit Photos on Tall Buildings (City Manipulation) | How to Edit Photos on Tall Buildings (City Manipulation) – This cool PicSay Pro photo editing tutorial will discuss how to make a manipulated city photo taken from the roof of a building. Or, you can also take this contemporary photo editing tutorial as a cool selfie photo editing tutorial on a high-rise building that is scratching the sky. This building photo editing app for Android uses the latest Picsay Pro app. And you can do this trick without a PC, that is, directly with an Android phone.

How to edit a photo on a tall building or photograph the city from a height, which is often called manipulation city this is the current trend. With PicSay Pro, making city manipulation photo edits is a snap. And I believe that almost every Android user has this PicSay Pro app. Since there are so many contemporary photo editing tutorials on the internet, you must use PicSay Pro for Android.

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Well, for those of you who don’t have PicSay Pro, I’ve also included how to download the latest free full version of Picsay Pro below. But please note that this is an apk file. Therefore, first set your smartphone to allow the installation of the apk file. open menu Costume > Security > unknown source (Unknown source).

Download the latest free app from 9Apps Market below:


How to install PicSay Pro from 9app:

  • First download and install 9app from the link above!
  • Open 9APPS on your Android screen.
  • In the search field (above), type: professional picsay
    . Download Picsay Pro Via The Official Android 9 Apps .
  • Press “FREE” or “INSTALL” to install the latest version of PicSay Pro.

Well, now you have a photo editing tool on top of a tall building, namely PicSay Pro. Let’s continue with the tutorial.

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How to Edit Photos on Tall Buildings (City Manipulation)

Oh yeah, I forgot, make sure the footage to be edited is a full body pose, like a selfie pose with a selfie stick from above, or a pose while taking photos. The point is that your photo should show you from head to toe.

1. Run the app PicSayPro on your android press the button get a picture. Find photos of buildings that are still simple.

How To Edit Photos On A Tall Building 1

2. Select Effect => Insert image. Find your original photo.

How To Edit Photos On A Tall Building 2

3. Select the icon or the Eraser tool Eraser in PicSay Pro. See image:

How To Edit Photos Above 3 Tall Buildings

4. Slide your finger to the area of ​​the image you want to delete. I mean, leave your body alone.

  • Do it carefully and carefully so that the results are smooth and unified.

How To Edit Photos On A Tall Building 4

5. Press the green check mark or done to continue.

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6. To add a real effect (real) photo on top of your tall building, select the menu Effect on the PicSay Pro screen. Then select the effect “Loin” and rate it around 60%.

How To Edit Photos Above 5 Tall Buildings

7. Save by selecting the menu Export => Save image to album!

How To Edit Photos On A 6-Story Building

8. Done. Selfie photo editing on the top of a tall building has been done successfully.

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How is it so easy right? So all this is just engineering sophistication of photo editing app on Android.

Thus tutorial on how to edit photos on top of a tall building either android city manipulation. And of course, apart from being the official PicSay Pro market app, you can also use 9Apps to download cool Android apps and games, which are not/yet not available on Playstore on average. Good luck and I hope it is useful.