How To Get Baim Wong Giveaway Easily!

How To Get Baim Wong Giveaway Easily!
How To Get Baim Wong Giveaway Easily!

How to get a gift from Baim Wong – Hi, friend! Have you ever been interested in participating in a contest with prizes or gifts? If so, then you are no stranger to Indonesia’s most famous giveaway by Baim Wong, a noted artist and husband of Paula Verhoeven.

Baim Wong has a YouTube channel that is usually used for giveaways for subscribers who have already subscribed to his YouTube channel. Subsequently, potential winners will be instructed to follow some of the terms and conditions that apply in order to participate in the drawing and win.

Not only that, Baim Wong and his wife also host the Indonesian draw, which airs every Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, and Friday at 09:30 on Trans7.

In the contest, Baim Wong and Paula Verhoeven offered quite interesting and certainly tempting prizes. That in the event there will be several games as beginners that can lead you to connect directly to the event. This Indonesian giveaway event is definitely broadcast live on Trans7.

Then, over time, many wonder how to get a gift from Baim Wong. Because many people try, but often fail, maybe because they lose quickly, etc.

So, in this article, we will provide information and tutorials on how to get a gift from Baim Wong. Curious? Let’s see the review below.

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How to get a gift from Baim Wong

How To Get A Gift From Baim Wong
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There are several ways to get a giveaway from Baim Wong, either on his YouTube channel or through a live stream at the Indonesian giveaway event.

  1. How to Get Baim Wong Gift from Youtube/Instagram Channel

There are several ways you can follow to win the draw given by Baim Wong.

  • Please note the applicable terms and conditions
  • Follow the rules and do it carefully.
  • Sign up for the draw at the beginning because there is usually a system that detects who is faster
  • Subscribe to the YouTube channel and follow Baim Wong’s Instagram and sponsors and don’t miss a thing.
  • If at once don’t forget to keep trying
  • Do not forget to pray because the efforts that are not accompanied by prayer are free.
  1. How to get a gift from Indonesia Giveaway Trans7

How to get a giveaway from Indonesia giveaway is certainly different from how to get a giveaway on YouTube or Instagram channel. The method :

  • Usually the draw on television will be scrambled as soon as possible, for example who will call first or send a message on WhatsApp or a game on Twitter
  • Follow the applicable Terms and Conditions
  • Do the conditions carefully.
  • If you fail in one attempt, then don’t give up easily and keep trying.
  • Do not forget to pray because the efforts that are not accompanied by prayer are free.

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How to Win a Giveaway in Indonesia Giveaway

from twitter

  • When you take a picture, you get angry when you want to watch TV with your back to the TV in the Indonesian draw.
  • Then include a title What do you think it means to share (this will usually be different for each episode)
  • It is mandatory to mention the twitter account @Trans7 with the hashtag #Indonesiagiveaway
  • The uploaded photo does not contain any elements of Sara or politics.

Then they will take 5 to 10 lucky

whatsapp war

  • Look at the number that has been given in session 1 in each episode
  • Write the message “Indonesia Giveaway Episode 100” (depending on the episode on TV that is live)
  • Then wait a moment until you are contacted at the end of the segment

Then, if you are successful, you will be asked questions in order to receive the prizes awarded. Made through video call.

You will be served in order of arrival

  • You just need to listen to the number mentioned by Kaulah or Baim and call him immediately.
  • If you are lucky, the number will be directly connected to the Trans7 Indonesia draw
  • Watch the Indonesian draw live by preparing a cell phone with a strong signal
  • Make sure the number you are calling is on WhatsApp

Indonesia Giveaway Terms

  1. Subscribe to the YouTube channel milik Trans7 “TRANS7 OFFICIAL”
  2. Follow Instagram @indonesiagiveaway_trans7 give @officialtrans7
  3. Write in the comment column on the video of the Indonesian draw on the official channel of Trans7 on YouTube
  4. Comments provided must be like video shows, include your Instagram name, and not spam.

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the last word

That’s information about the tutorial on how to get Baim Wong giveaway that you can follow on Baim Wong’s YouTube channel or Baim Wong’s social media and the Indonesian giveaway that airs every Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday. .

The most important thing is that you do not forget to fulfill the conditions that they have given you because those are the main conditions that can make you win the draw.

Anyone interested in trying out how to get a gift from Baim Wong?

Don’t forget to give constructive criticism and suggestions so that we can continue to improve our articles as much as possible. Thanks, hope it helps!