How To Get Over Android Phones That Can’t Receive SMS (All Brands)

How To Get Over Android Phones That Can’t Receive SMS (All Brands)
How To Get Over Android Phones That Can’t Receive SMS (All Brands)

In the previous post, the admin posted how to solve a cell phone that cannot send SMS. Now, at this time, the admin will also discuss a little about the reasons why an Android phone or whatever cannot receive incoming SMS, whether it is an SMS from a contact or from a cellular operator.

Errors like that can occur on all mobile phones from Xiaomi, Vivo, Oppo, Samsung, etc. It can also happen to all SIM card users, be it Indosat IM3, Telkomsel or others.

The Cell Phone Cannot Receive Sms

Cases of not being able to receive SMS are quite common. Of course, this is very worrying for us as mobile phone users. In fact, now there are many chat application services like Whatsapp, BBM and others. But the Ordinary SMS service is certainly still very necessary for us to communicate with people who do not have accounts in social networks or messaging applications.

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Download popular apps: Get Contact application (to know the name of our contact on another person’s mobile).

How to overcome HP cannot receive SMS or incoming messages

Okay right away, here are some solutions for those of you who experience SMS Can’t log in, can’t even call and send SMS.

1. Make sure the SIM card is not locked

This is what is currently happening to many people. Yes, many card users cannot use the provider’s service because the card is blocked. Especially since there is a new regulation where all mobile phone users have to re-register with their NIK and KK. It can also be because you forgot to extend the active period of the card.

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If this is the case, how to fix it? The solution is to go to the supplier’s official point of sale in the place closest to your area. If you are an Indosat user you can go to Indosat outlets, if you are Telkomsel go to Grapari.

2. SMS/SMSC service center setup

As follows, please make sure the service center number setting on your cell phone is correct with the carrier card you are using. The way to set it up is to simply go into the messaging app on your cell phone, then select the Settings menu. Service center code or SMSC. For Telkomsel users, make sure the code is +6281100000.

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3. Restart HP and the Messages app

The third way is by restarting the phone or you can also force close the Messages app, then reopen it, if necessary, clear the cache of the messaging app. In this way, you will make your phone system update so that it can be normal again. How to force close the app, just go to settings menu, app, then find the Messages app, click force close. You can also clear the cache before force closing.

Those are some of the fixes that admin can share to deal with cell phones not able to receive SMS, hopefully your problem will be solved soon!