How to hide the number of subscribers on Youtube

How to hide the number of subscribers on Youtube
How to hide the number of subscribers on Youtube

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How to hide the number of subscribers on Youtube, is a method you can use if you don’t want to display it. Where these subscribers are something highly coveted by content creators in general. Although not everyone wants to publish the number of subscribers, which is based on the motives of each of the users of the Youtube application.

It may be because the number of subscribers is not too much, so Youtube app users feel insecure to show it. Or maybe there are other reasons, like not wanting to show off or wanting to appear as a mystery user. In addition to these reasons, you can easily learn how to hide the number of subscribers.

Where you can make your own settings in this application using the features available on Youtube. Then you can find out the method or how to hide the number of subscribers on youtube and put it into practice. So that the number of your subscribers does not appear or appear on the page, and other users cannot know how many there are.

As you know, when you use Youtube app, you can share various types of interesting video content. For the impressions of the videos you uploaded, other users can express likes by pressing the subscribe button as one of the functions. Where if there are many, then it is not impossible for your video to become famous.

In addition, you can also get many other benefits from the large number of subscribers. Of course, with a large number of subscribers, other users can make sure that the content you share is interesting. In fact, it is not impossible that the number of subscribers increases every day and of course this is something fun for you.

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But in fact, not all users of the Youtube application want to show the number of subscribers. They then look for references on how to hide the number of subscribers on their Youtube app. With various reasons of their own and clearly different goals, they prefer not to show the number of subscribers they have.

But before we continue our discussion of how to hide the number of subscribers on youtube the. You should first understand what is meant by subscriber and what is its main function from the following explanation.

What are subscribers?

Subscriber is an option or alternative that you can find in any particular service provider to access it directly. Or it can also be said that this subscriber is a customer of a particular product that is usually provided on various websites for a fee when using the product in question.

Whereas in the Youtube app, subscribers are very important for account owners with certain content. Because this can determine that what is given by the owner of the YouTube account is to the liking or not of the fans. Of course, if there are a lot of users, you can get a lot of benefits like an improvement of the application used, that is, Youtube.

subscriber usage

You also need to know what the function of the number of subscribers is for certain applications or products offered. The most common is as an easy step to expand the information of anyone who creates content. The point is to give information to subscribers so that they do not do otherwise by leaving the channel open.

Then, with the presence of subscribers, this will be mutually beneficial between users and content creators. Especially for channels that are visited like YouTube, so with a large number of subscribers it will bring some benefits. Like the account holder, you will get income in the form of money, guarantees, etc.

How to hide the number of subscribers on Youtube?

There are several steps you need to take depending on the device used to use the Youtube app. Especially for users who are still active, they can follow the tutorial. how to hide the number of subscribers on youtube Following:

  1. How to hide the number of subscribers on Youtube using a computer/laptop
  • Open your computer
  • Enter the browser into it,
  • Log in to your account,
  • Click on the profile menu at the top right of the screen,
  • Click on Youtube studio menu again,
  • Continue entering the settings,
  • Then click on the channel and click on advanced settings,
  • Then uncheck the number of subscribers to my channel,
  • Then click on the Save menu,
  • The step is complete and the subscriber has been hidden.

After seeing how to hide the number of subscribers using the computer. Then you also need to know the method to hide the subscriber using an Android smartphone device. How to see below:

  1. How to hide the number of subscribers on Youtube using an Android phone
  • Open the browser on your android phone right now,
  • You can use various types of browsers, such as Google Chrome, UC Browser, Opera Mini, etc., depending on your wishes.
  • Next, click on the navigation menu located at the top right of your cell phone screen,
  • Then put a checkmark or mark on the desktop site menu,
  • Proceed by clicking on the Youtube studio option and enter the settings menu, then enter the advanced settings again,
  • Then pay attention to the subscriber count option and simply uncheck the “Show the number of people subscribed to my channel” menu.
  • After that, you can continue by pressing the Save menu,
  • The steps are complete and enjoy the results.


Of the two methods we have shared on the previous page about how to hide the number of subscribers on youtube. You just have to follow the steps one by one correctly and not miss anything. Then you can also adjust the above method to the type of device you are using.

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