How to improve the sound quality of your iPhone in 2022

How to improve the sound quality of your iPhone in 2022
How to improve the sound quality of your iPhone in 2022

Modern iPhones already have excellent speakers. They are one of the best devices for media consumption and calls. However, nothing is perfect and you can still improve the sound quality of your iPhone.

While iOS isn’t really an easy operating system to customize, there are still some features that can be incredibly useful. Here are some ways you can tweak certain iOS settings or use simple tricks to make your iPhone sound better.

Experiment with EQ presets

Yes, equalizer presets exist in iOS. This is how you can find them:

Settings > Music > Equalizer

Once you’re in the EQ settings, you can choose from several presets that slightly tweak your audio output and make your phone sound a little different.

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Iphone-Sound Quality

We know that sound quality is completely subjective, so we suggest trying all of these presets and choosing the one you like best.

Increase the maximum volume of your iPhone

There are times when the video or song you are listening to is not loud enough, even at maximum volume.

Increase The Volume

This is where you can use the Late Night preset in the equalizer to increase your iPhone’s maximum audio output. I tried it on my phone and actually felt a noticeable difference.

Headphone adaptations

This feature in iOS allows you to customize the audio of your Apple AirPods and some other beats headphones. Here you can adjust the audio for balanced pitch, vocal range, or brightness.

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Iphone-Sound Quality

You can even change the audio output to different modes like Light, Moderate and Loud.

Settings > Accessibility > Audio/Visual > Headphone Fitting

headset safety

This feature is for those who have headphones that tend to get too loud at times. To save your eardrums in the long run, you can use the headphone security feature in iOS.

Headphone Security

It helps you put a limit on your maximum audio levels and reduce the overall volume of your headphones.

Settings > Sounds and haptics > Headset security

clean the speaker

This one is quite obvious but very neglected by most of the iPhone users. It involves taking a brush and cleaning your phone’s speakers. Dirt stuck in the speaker grill could be blocking too much of the sound.

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Iphone Sound Quality

Also, it’s just a healthy practice to clean the things you use the most. I’m going to spend some time cleaning my speakers today and ask you to do the same.

We hope these tips will help you improve the sound quality on your iPhone and better enjoy our content. Check out our iOS section for more such content.

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