How to increase image resolution, online and offline

How to increase image resolution, online and offline
How to increase image resolution, online and offline

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How to increase image resolution – In various daily needs, both work and entertainment, of course we want to get a good image with the right size.

But of course there are many obstacles and obstacles that mean that the photos or images that we have are not as suitable as we want.

That’s due to various things ranging from non-standard equipment, weather, and our experience in taking pictures.

So this time, we will discuss how to increase image resolution both offline and online.

How to increase image resolution

Now, the method that we are going to convey without reducing, at least this method is an emergency step, so that any presentation or need can work without problems.

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Actually, there are many ways to increase image resolution that can be done, but this time we will discuss 3 ways that, in our opinion, produce the best images.

1. Paint Program Programs/Applications

The first step is to increase the size of the image/photo using the Paint application or program that is already on your laptop or computer.

This method does not require an internet connection, also known as it can be done offline. Possibly for Windows users, this program is really for beginners because it is a standard program for making easy fixes.

Here are the steps:

  • Prepare the photo you want to edit.
  • Right-click on the image and specify Open With, then select Paint.
  • Click on the side menu on the name Resize, then there will be the following option.
  • Click on Pixels and enter the expected size.
  • After appropriate, click OK.
  • The image will be larger, according to the given size.

It is easy? After knowing how to increase photo size offline, now you need to understand if it is done online as well. Read this trick.

two. How to increase photo size with ResizeImage

The second step to increase the size of the photo is ResizeImage. This step is easy because you only need to enter the photo you want to enlarge on the site.

The trick is as follows: go to the website.

  • You’ll immediately see a menu and options like Upload Image, Crop Your Image, Rotate Your Image, Resize Image, and more.
  • First, click Upload Image, wait for the process to finish. It usually only takes a few minutes.
  • Look on the downside and get the Resize Image button.
  • Click on that option and wait a while for the process to complete.

Your photo has been enlarged and the quality has not dropped much.

3. web enhancer

By using this photo editing program, even the enlarged photo can be better than the original photo. The trick is quite easy.

  • Visit
  • Then specify in the Upload menu and upload the photo you want to enlarge.
  • First, make sure of the quality of the photo you want to resize and determine the desired size.
  • When you’re done, just take it.

Well that’s a few steps or how to increase image resolution and resize photos easily and quickly. So there is no need to hesitate to try. Happy practice and good luck!