How to insert Lightroom presets on Android, very easy

How to insert Lightroom presets on Android, very easy
How to insert Lightroom presets on Android, very easy – How to Enter Lightroom Presets – If you are looking for references to add Lightroom presets to your Android phone, you have come to the right place. Because this article will show you how to insert Lightroom presets on Android in a language that even beginners can understand and easy.

Lightroom presets have an important aspect in photo editing, so for those who like video editing for smartphones, knowing how to include Lightroom presets on Android is essential.

Technological advances have made it possible to enter presets on mobile phones without the need to transfer them to a PC.

There’s a reason why so many people prefer Lightroom, and I chose this app because it can create aesthetically pleasing colors. The combination of the available effects and the color tones used make the photos look like they were taken by the photographer.

Here are the steps and ways to insert Lightroom presets on Android phone to make it easy for you to edit your photos using the presets. We hope you had no trouble importing presets through this guide.

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How to insert a DNG import file

How To Input Dng Import File

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There are several types of import files. The first is a DNG file and importing it as a default DNG file is not difficult. Here is the guide.

  • Download the default file and make sure it is in .dng format. If it is still in zip or rar format, you can extract it first.
  • Open your Lightroom app and select the blue add icon.
  • Select or check an image that says Raw. That image is the preset file you entered earlier.
  • Go back to the start menu and open the all photos menu. Don’t forget to select the previous preset image first.
  • The next way to get into Lightroom presets is through the editing section. Touch the available settings menu.
  • Give the preset a name, and then check the box provided.

Then simply select the preset you want to use to edit your photo. Choose from a menu of available presets.

How to input the import XMP file

Another default file type besides DNG is xmp. The way to enter this file is slightly different from the previous one. Here is the guide.

  • Download Lightroom presets and select them in .xmp format.
  • If it’s not in .xmp format, you can extract it from zip or rar to match the extension.
  • Copy the file and then to internal storage to find the Android menu options.
  • In the Android menu, select the Data menu and find the com.adobe.irmobile folder.
  • If so, select the file folder again and then go to carouseldocuments to continue.
  • Select the folder named 000000, then select the Profile menu.
  • You can find the settings folder in the profile menu, go ahead and select User Styles.
  • The next way to add Lightroom presets is to open the Lightroom app.
  • If you edit your photo and check the presets menu, you will find a new menu of presets that you loaded earlier.
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How to use Lightroom presets

Sometimes you have trouble installing and importing presets. Below is a list of questions related to using Lightroom presets.

  1. If the file is in rar or zip format
    Default files cannot be inserted with rar or zip. When you want to open and use it, you need to convert it to xmp or dng format first.
  2. Can multiple files be imported?
    It can be complicated to open and install the default files one by one. If it’s really hard, you can directly import and install preset files in one step. Of course, do not use them at the same time so that the application is not heavy.
  3. Unreadable presets
    In some cases, even if you move the preset file after the Lightroom preset download is complete, it may not be readable. In this case, you can update the app first. If that doesn’t work, go to the User Presets menu and the file will most likely be there.
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That was it How to Enter Lightroom Presets Android, quite easy right?. If you want to see other Lightroom formulas, read the previous article. Hopefully this explanation and information is useful for users who want to edit on Android using Lightroom. Thank you