How to know if we are blocked on TikTok or not

How to know if we are blocked on TikTok or not
How to know if we are blocked on TikTok or not

If we follow an account on Tiktok, we will later get information about the latest posts from the account being followed. If suddenly the account disappears, it is very likely that our account is blocked.

In fact, Block is one of the features provided by Tiktok for the convenience of its users. If a Tiktok user feels uncomfortable with a certain account, he will usually immediately block the Tiktok account, which makes him feel uncomfortable.

To determine if we are blocked or not, try to apply the tips and ways to find out if we are blocked on Tiktok or not, which will be mentioned in this post. How to find out is very easy, you just need to do a few simple steps for it.

But before that, it is also important for us to discuss the reasons why we should follow other users’ Tiktok accounts. These reasons can be seen in the review below.

The reason we follow other Tiktok accounts

How To Know If We Are Blocked On Tiktok

1. Add friends

One of the reasons we want to follow other people’s Tiktok accounts is because we want to make friends with other users. After all, Tiktok is a social media platform that certainly cannot be separated from the bonds of friendship.

2. Useful content

Although many Tiktok users only share content that is not useful, not a few also post useful and much-needed content, such as educational content, business content, tips and tricks content, cooking content, etc.

Seeing an account with mostly useful content, we sometimes follow it deliberately so as not to miss the information every time the latest video is uploaded.

3. Business needs

For entrepreneurs, establishing relationships and friendships with other Tiktok users is the same as joining an entrepreneurial field. Not surprisingly, many entrepreneurs follow accounts that are seen as potential for business development.

Details How to know if we are blocked on TikTok or not

Info How To Know If We Are Blocked On Tiktok

If we want to know if our Tiktok account is blocked by other users or not, just follow these steps:

  • First, sign in to the Tiktok app first.
  • After that, log in to your Tiktok profile icon.
  • Continue to click the Next menu, then we can directly enter the search menu by entering the username that follows.
  • If the username or account does not appear, it means that it has been confirmed that our account has been blocked.
  • Another way that can also be done is to see the publications of the accounts that we follow. If it does not appear, it is likely that we have been blocked. To be sure, try entering the name of the Tiktok account you follow. If it does not appear, it is very likely that we have been blocked.

The reason why our Tiktok account is locked

Apart from knowing how to know if you are blocked on Tiktok or not, it is also very important to know what causes other users to block you. Because it is impossible for them to block us for no reason.

There are at least 4 main reasons why other users block our Tiktok account. These reasons are as follows:

1. Feel uncomfortable

When a Tiktok user feels uncomfortable with a certain Tiktok account, of course he will block the account. This is a common thing that happens, there is no need to be surprised by it. By blocking, of course the account that bothered him will no longer have anything to do with him.

There are many reasons why Tiktok users feel awkward around other users. It may be that the user often makes inappropriate or irrelevant comments, posts something containing SARA, reprimands other users, and the like.

2. Make Restrictions

Although originally Tiktok was a platform that allowed users to interact with each other, sometimes some users wanted to restrict themselves for some reason. So, don’t be surprised if the Tiktok account you follow suddenly disappears. It is very likely that you deliberately blocked because you wanted to make restrictions.

3. Feeling that the content is not useful

Many Tiktok users use this platform for something positive, for example, to get short videos about education, business, etc. Not all Tiktok users are happy with content that is just dancing.

Therefore, when we follow a certain Tiktok account, then suddenly the account disappears, it is very likely that we are blocked for that reason. Take a look at the Tiktok content we have uploaded so far, whether it is really useful or just for dancing is not clear.

In addition to these three reasons, of course there are other reasons such as accidental blocking or personal dislike of a certain account for you to block it. Of course, everyone is entitled to their own personal views.

This is how to know if our Tiktok is blocked or not that I can share in this post. Hopefully it will be useful, especially for those of you who need this information.

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