How to make a new FF name with white space 2021 [Sangat Mudah]

How to make a new FF name with white space 2021 [Sangat Mudah]
How to make a new FF name with white space 2021 [Sangat Mudah]

Empty FF Name – What is fashionable among survivors in recent days is to use an empty ff nickname on your account. However, this is quite difficult to do, which is why many survivors are looking for a way to create a blank name on the Internet.

Everything related to the Free Fire game will surely go viral, as the game created by Garena is very popular and managed to rank first in the category of best-selling online games in the Google Playstore version.

Every day there are new Free Fire players who of course also create new accounts. When you create a new account, of course, you need to choose a cool name to be your ff account nickname.

A cool ff name that is currently popular with survivors is to use an empty ff name with 999 long and short spaces. The manufacturing process is not as easy as you think so far.

So, for those of you who are interested in doing so, we have prepared a way to create an empty ff name in this review.

Empty FF Name

How To Make A New Ff Name With White Space 2021 [Sangat Mudah]

For veteran players in the Garena Free Fire Battle Royale game, finding an account with an empty nickname might be something they normally encounter. Because there are already many players using empty ff names in their Garena Free Fire accounts at the moment.

For your information, if you are an old player in the Free Fire game, you must first prepare at least 360 diamonds if you want to change your nickname to a blank.

From the beginning, Garena only gave each survivor a quota limit to change Free Fire nicknames. Survivors only get 2 nickname changes per account, if you want more you can do it by exchanging a number of diamonds that we mentioned above.

Now for those of you who don’t have a Free Fire account and now want to create one by entering a cool and unique name, umbrella, symbol or empty name. We will provide you with a clear way to do it, check out the full tutorial below.

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How to make an empty FF namespace

How To Make A New Ff Name With White Space 2021 [Sangat Mudah]

The survivors of Homeland are full of creativity, the proof is that they can make empty names or become invisible. How to do it is quite simple, just prepare an Android/iOS device on which there is a Free Fire game and then follow the next method.

The first thing you have to do is have an empty nickname creation code. If you do not have the code, we have prepared it below and you can copy it immediately.

Copy the FF code Name Empty Short and long space below:

[ㅤㅤㅤ ㅤ ㅤㅤ] Name FF Short empty space
[ㅤㅤㅤ ㅤ                ㅤㅤ] Name FF Long empty space

After getting the code, you can follow each step we have prepared below. :

  • Run the Free Fire game installed on each of your devices.
  • If you are logged in and in the game lobby, you can click on the Profile menu.
  • Edit your ff account profile by pressing the Pencil logo below.
  • Next, paste the code name from the blank that you copied earlier.

An empty ff nickname will be used immediately if it has 390 diamonds for the replacement process. It is different if you use a new account, you do not need any diamonds to change the Free Fire nickname.

Now for the new survivors who are creating a free fire account, you can follow how to change the name of an empty ff that we present below:

  • Upon completion of the new nickname field, you can paste the code we provided above.
  • When the “Unavailable” notification appears, the nickname is an empty slot that has already been used by another survivor.
  • Add a blank space until you find a name that is available/ready.
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The above method is for new survivors who are in the process of creating a new FF account. For old players who already have ff sultan account, please prepare 390 diamonds first and then follow the first method.

How to make a blank FF nickname for free

How To Make A New Ff Name With White Space 2021 [Sangat Mudah]

For old players who want to change their nickname but the change limit has expired and they don’t have enough diamonds to change the ff name. So you can take advantage of a new event in the Free Fire game.

Because in general, any event officially organized by Garena always prepares attractive prizes, one of which is Item Change Name. But unfortunately, you have to do all the event quests like collecting special items and materials during the match.

If you manage to collect all the materials in the event. So trade the stuff with a variety of attractive gift options, trade it for Chane Name items so you can change nicknames for free.

FF Empty Space Nickname Substitution Request

We have found an application that has an empty space name ff in it. Of course this app is very useful and helps survivors to change their nickname without removing another 390 diamonds.

The use of the application is quite simple, you only need to perform a few steps. For more details, we have prepared a complete tutorial as follows:

  • The first step, you download Unicode Pad app here.
  • Complete the app installation process until it is successfully installed on your device.
  • Just open the Unicode Pad app.
  • Then look for the coded symbol 3138.
  • COPY the code if you found it.
  • Paste the code when you are editing your name/nickname.
  • Click Save/OK.
  • That way the nickname in your FF account is either invisible or empty.
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Advantages of using empty FF names

What are the advantages of using an empty ff name in a free fire account? There are several advantages that you can obtain from this process, we summarize them below:

1. FF account can not report

Account reports often occur among survivors, the reason is that other players use assist apps or others. In order to report an account, of course you need to know the account’s nickname.

When the account uses an empty name, it will not be able to report. This is one of the advantages and benefits of using white space names.

2. Difficult to recognize

The nickname is your identity in the Free Fire game, you will be known by the name that is used or appears in the profile nickname. But if the nickname is empty, how will people recognize you?

3. It looks unique

Most of the survivors say that a Free Fire account using an empty name / no name is quite UNIQUE. So they want to follow the trend of using the empty name.

Is it true to create a free empty name of Free Fire?

There are still many gamers asking the question “Do you make a blank FF name for free?”. In fact you have said it, if to change a nickname you need an Item Change Name or 390 diamonds.

In that way, it means that how to create an empty nickname is not free for old players. Because, if you are a new player who does not have a Free Fire account, you can create an empty name for free.


The discussion of how to create a long and short FF name with 999 spacing, we are done here. Hopefully the above reviews provide a new perspective for all survivors.